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Want to work in an area that touches all of our lives? The more virtual our world becomes, the more real the cyber risks. Enjoy a gripping, complex, constantly changing, business-critical career.

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What can you do in Cyber?

Cyber security has never been more relevant, or more in demand. As organisations become increasingly dependent on technology to do business, they become more exposed to failure, exploitation, theft, fraud, and abuse. You’ll work collaboratively with clients to anticipate and minimise these risks and protect their most valuable assets.

Our people combine deep technical expertise and sharp business intelligence, to help our clients make the best decisions about their infrastructure, technology, processes and people. Whether you join us on the technical or strategic side, you’ll be working on all kinds of challenging projects to keep our clients safe and one step ahead. All while you learn and grow, developing your career in the way that most inspires you.


Career options

“Deloitte leaders care about what you think, and do what they can to help you be successful.”
Lauren, Cyber
Cyber Risk and Strategy

Not every job within Deloitte Cyber requires a technical background. As cyber attacks occur with greater frequency and severity, board members and executives are beginning to realise that technology solutions are just one part of a comprehensive approach to managing their cyber risk.

Within the Cyber Risk and Strategy stream, you’ll be helping clients to identify and protect their critical information and assets, ensuring that they can not only survive, but also thrive, in a competitive market place.

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Technology & Digital Services

From managing our IT infrastructure, improving cyber security to developing innovative digital platforms, you’ll co-create solutions to unlock the benefits technology can bring.

Discover how Technology and Digital Services fit within Deloitte

Cyber Technical Advisory

With technology changing by the second, and security breaches ever-more common, cyber security is critical to business. We provide clients with deep technical knowledge and expertise to secure their organisation, from implementing advanced defensive technologies to trying to compromise a client’s network to identify critical vulnerabilities.

Within Cyber Technical Advisory, you’ll be streamed into either our Cyber Defence capability, which covers pen testing, incident response and threat intelligence, or our Cyber Technical Transformation capability, which covers identity and access management, security architecture, and technology design and implementation (for example, data loss prevention tools).

Explore Cyber

“I was lucky enough to work on one of the biggest cyber-attacks to happen to one of the largest companies in the world.”
Ryan, Cyber

Our client list includes major organisations in every industry, from financial services, global technology companies and huge retail brands (to name but a few) to the public sector and the many varied organisations that come under that umbrella. You may well find that the project you’re working on is headlines news. You’ll have endless opportunities to work on all kinds of client engagements, collaborating with our network of talented professionals across the world.

You could be on a rapid response team that travels across the world at a moment’s notice to guide a client through a cyber attack. You could be transforming how a business operates, from its infrastructure to its human behaviours. You could be creating innovative new products. Or analysing potential cyber threats to understand which would have the biggest impact. The opportunities are vast, so you’re guaranteed to find something that really interests you.

“Whatever industry or area you’re interested in, there’s always an opportunity to put your hand up to get involved.”
Lauren, Cyber

Whether you join us on the technical or non-technical side, you’ll be among true innovators. Together, we’re constantly seeking new ways to solve complex problems and deliver more. For example, working on how to translate complex technical issues into more business friendly information. Developing a "red button" alert, so we can deliver instant support to clients in the event of a privacy or security breach. Finding better ways to define metrics. Leading the way with subscription-based managed services.

“I love the focus on adding value, not just being present for the sake of it.”
Lauren, Cyber

You’re sure to make a huge impact here, for your clients and your career, and for wider society too. You can help us train organisations in what it means to be cyber aware; work with non-profit organisations that teach young adults how to stay safe online; or become one of our many cyber security ambassadors, who’ve worked in schools and on government initiatives, such as Cyber First.

What do our people say?

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Cyber Consultant
“Many people assume that cyber jobs are solely technical and that you need a degree in Computer Science to work in this field. In reality that’s not the case.”

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

I work in the strategic side of cyber, protecting organisations from cyber-crime and mitigating risks and breaches. I love the variety of projects, clients and industries we work across, as well as being part of a global firm where you can connect and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Tell us something about your job that people wouldn’t know

Many people assume that cyber jobs are solely technical and that you need a degree in Computer Science to work in this field. In reality that’s not the case. You can train in many different areas of cyber depending on your skills and interests. While some of the roles in this field are technical, tech impacts all areas of our lives so there are also sociological, political, economic and legal factors to explore.

How do you feel Deloitte supports inclusion?

Deloitte has some great facilities that foster an inclusive environment. As a practising Muslim, it’s great to see Deloitte have multi-faith rooms in many offices (which can also be used as nursing rooms to support new parents). I have been able to work from home, which has helped me to balance my work with personal responsibilities and still remain connected to colleagues in a covid-safe way.

How have you progressed since joining?

One of the best ways of learning is on the job through the array of projects available at Deloitte. Being in client-facing roles has enabled me to work on skills such as problem-solving, communication and teamwork. My analysis skills have also developed as Deloitte has a real quality culture so having attention to detail becomes second nature to ensure the best results for our clients.

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“Deloitte leaders care about what you think and do what they can to help you be successful.”

What do you do? And what do you like most about it?

When I describe my job to friends I say “Remember the cyber attack that happened to X organisation? My job is to help make sure that either doesn’t happen again or, if it does, that they can respond and recover as quickly as possible”. All four Cyber groups: Strategy, Secure, Vigilant and Resilient are growing fast. So, whatever industry or area you’re interested in, there’s always an opportunity to put your hand up to get involved.

I love the diversity of projects, people and places we work. I love the opportunities I am given to shape the career I want. I love the flexibility to work when I need to, and the focus on adding value, not just being present for the sake of it. You’ll love it here if you enjoy travelling around the country, learning lots all at once, and want to have an interesting, increasingly relevant career.

However, it’s not for you if you still use ‘password’ or any variant, as your password.

Do you get many learning and development opportunities?

The learning curve in the first year is massive. I never thought I’d get the hang of fulfilling the (rightly) high expectations of the client and managers, but the support is there and those that want to succeed can, even if it seems an impossibly high mountain to start with.

I hope to develop specialist knowledge in the ‘people’ side of Cyber, be that Insider Risk, cultural training and awareness, or elsewhere. I’m starting to work with colleagues that specialise in these areas, so I can learn more.

I’m currently working on a big client with over 150 other Deloitte people. They have a large international presence, with opportunities to work in Denmark, the Netherlands, the US and more. I’ve gained some great experience and built a fantastic network – it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn.

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“The training you learn from management is invaluable and will stay with you forever.”

What’s been your most exciting project?

I was lucky enough to work on one of the biggest cyber-attacks to happen to one of the largest companies in the world. There was a team of 150+ and we were working all hours. It was hard, high pressure, but exciting.

I have to say the biggest challenge is keeping up with everything you want to do. Sometimes you have to accept you can’t be involved with everything.

Do you feel you’ve made much progress since you joined?

I’ve progressed a lot. The quality of work I’m able to deliver and my knowledge of Cyber has increased greatly.

I’m currently living away from home, working with a large client. The size of the client means everyone here is away from home, so you get to meet and work with different people from all over the world and across divisions in the company. It’s a great opportunity to expand your network.

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