Does what we do today shape the world of tomorrow?

Are the hands of time holding us back? Does breaking away from tradition set us free? When the right people with the right skills work together, is there any limit to what we can achieve?

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What can you do with Deloitte Legal?

Everything we do focuses on helping our clients experience the future of law, today. By qualifying as a solicitor at Deloitte Legal, you’ll work alongside over 2,000 legal experts spanning more than 80 locations. We combine this wealth of legal expertise with our unparalleled global network of accountants, consultants, technologists and strategists to deliver complete legal solutions to our clients.
You’ll work in a variety of locations, with a diverse mix of people. This means you’ll be able to collaborate as part of a multi-disciplinary team and solve some of the world’s most complex legal problems. Ultimately giving you many opportunities to learn new skills, explore new ideas and think creatively.

The skills you develop working for such a large and trusted global service business can also open the door to a world of career opportunities in the legal sector and beyond.

Career options

“I love that I get to work with a variety of different sectors. I’ve learnt so much since I joined and there are a lot of people who want to help me learn.”
Gemma Briance
Training the lawyers of tomorrow
The legal world is changing. As part of our legal team, you’ll deliver far more than expert legal advice. The more we integrate legal advisory services with our vast range of consulting services and our impressive technology capability, the more we can offer unique legal services to our clients.
This means it’s never been more important for us to ensure that the next generation of legal experts develop the skills they need to thrive in this ever-changing industry. We’ll help you think like a business leader as well as a lawyer. We’ll teach you how to be strategic, pragmatic and pioneering.

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Deloitte Legal is...

By joining Deloitte Legal, you'll be among true innovators. We're constantly seeking new ways to solve complex client problems by blending legal expertise with our ability to develop and rapidly deploy cutting-edge technology in a fully integrated manner. In addition, you will be able to use some of the firm’s proprietary legal technology first-hand, including dTrax, an AI-enabled contract management tool, and MyInsight, a secure client portal that enables clients to track and monitor their legal compliance services. This innovative approach will help foster a new generation of high quality, forward-thinking solicitors.

Working on large projects for one of the world’s leading professional services businesses means that your work not only has an impact on our clients but on the industry itself. We are using our scale, experience and passion to disrupt the legal marketplace and deliver a new style of seamless legal services to our clients.

For example, the way we combine expertise in a multi-disciplinary firm allows us to offer a more complete service than ever before. Therefore, the impact of our legal expertise is no longer confined to traditional legal services and your work will have a significant impact on huge organisations.

What do our people say?

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Gemma Briance
Deloitte Legal
“I get to work and share ideas with all kinds of people on all sorts of projects. The work we do is truly unique.”

What’s great about working for Deloitte Legal?

The work is so new and different. We are often tackling problems that no-one has addressed before, so the team comes together to create something entirely bespoke.

It’s great working with people in different non-legal teams as they bring a completely different perspective to the table, diversifying the way the legal team think and work.

It’s also good to know that my opinion matters, and I can have an input from the moment that we get a request for proposal.

What does your role involve?

I assist with the drafting of a variety of corporate and commercial agreements. I also coordinate specific elements of projects, working with different Deloitte teams globally and directly with the client too. I often have to draft memos on a specific area of law, which is really interesting as it requires lots of research across a variety of sources.

A highlight of my career so far is when I had three cross-border mergers on at the same time, all of which needed to be completed by Brexit. We were rushing to get court hearings completed in time to enable us to file documents with Companies House. Finding out all our filings had been successful made all the hard work worth it.

Do you enjoy a good work-life balance?

Flexible working is something that’s really supported here. I’m able to work from home at least once a week. The way everything is set up enables me to work from anywhere. It’s great that I get to do a job I genuinely enjoy, as well as spend time with my partner, our children and our beagle.

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