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Everything we do focuses on helping our clients experience the future of law, today. At Deloitte Legal you’ll work alongside over 2,000 Solicitors and Legal professionals who collaborate seamlessly across more than 80 countries worldwide.
You’ll work in a variety of places, connecting with all sorts of different people, all working together to solve some of the world’s most complex legal problems. You’ll have so many opportunities to learn new skills, explore new ideas, and think in your own creative way. Working with such a large and trusted global service business also means you’ll keep on growing and developing skills that can open the door to a world of career opportunities, in the legal sector and beyond.

Career options

Deloitte Legal Training Contracts
At Deloitte Legal Training Contract allows you to qualify as a solicitor through the new SQE path. Although it’s no longer mandatory, we believe rotating between our Practice Areas will enhance your qualifying experience and help transform you into the best lawyer you can be. Should you come from a non-law degree background, we also offer sponsorship for law-conversions before you start your Training Contract with us.

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Legal Entity Management
The Legal Entity Management team provide a mix of services related to the management and governance of legal entities. You’ll also support our clients on a number of strategic, company secretarial, subsidiary governance and legal entity restructuring projects.

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By joining Legal, you'll be among true innovators. We're constantly seeking new ways to solve complex client problems by blending legal expertise with our ability to develop and rapidly deploy cutting-edge technology in a fully integrated manner. In addition, you will be able to use some of the firm’s proprietary legal technology first-hand, including dTrax, an AI-enabled contract management tool, and MyInsight, a secure client portal that enables clients to track and monitor their legal compliance services. This innovative approach will help foster a new generation of high quality, forward-thinking solicitors.

Working on large projects for one of the world’s leading professional services businesses means that your work not only has an impact on our clients but on the industry itself. We are using our scale, experience and passion to disrupt the legal marketplace and deliver a new style of seamless legal services to our clients.

For example, the way we combine expertise in a multi-disciplinary firm allows us to offer a more complete service than ever before. Therefore, the impact of our legal expertise is no longer confined to traditional legal services and your work will have a significant impact on huge organisations.

What do our people say?

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Josephine Carver
“I really enjoy working on such interesting cases for a range of well-known clients”

What attracted you to Deloitte?

Aside from the opportunity to work with exciting big-name clients from all over the world, I was attracted to the scope for career progression Deloitte offers. It’s inspiring to know that many current partners and senior members of staff also started out as graduates. Before I started, I was worried that working for a huge company would make it difficult to build meaningful connections, especially during a pandemic. As it turns out, everyone here is really friendly and willing to help. I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much from lots of different individuals, and I feel there are many people I can turn to if I have a question or need advice. I’ve really benefitted from the breadth of experience around me here.

What have you learned during your first few trainee placements?

I’ve already learned a great deal about Immigration Law and Indirect Tax Law through doing sixth-month rotations in these departments. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting cases for well-known clients in these areas, and developed key skills on my journey towards becoming a qualified lawyer. On a more general level, thanks to much practical experience and coaching from seniors, I’m now far more confident in my presentation and meeting skills.

Do you feel the culture is inclusive at Deloitte?

Absolutely, yes. I’m a member of the Deloitte Gender Balance network, which encourages woman at all levels of their career to push themselves and expand their horizons. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend several lunch sessions where different female partners present their experience and career journey. These sessions are very inspiring and open, with the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

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Fraser Morrison
“I think Deloitte Legal are going to be serious disruptors to the legal market, and I want to be a part of the next big thing”

How have you found the trainee solicitor programme?

Despite only being on my second six-month placement as a trainee, currently working in Mergers & Acquisitions, I feel I’ve gained a lot of practical experience already. I’ve learned a great deal about working with clients, helping them solve problems and realise their visions. As each team I work with is in a different practice area, I am able to gain first hand exposure to a large variety of skill-sets and expertise, which are helping me become a more well-rounded adviser. Already, I’ve felt a real sense of progression and fulfillment. The completion of the first deal I assisted on was a proud moment.

There’s an enormous emphasis on on-the-job learning here. It’s great to be trusted to give things a go, and I’m always supported by feedback from my supervisors.

Do you feel like Deloitte have been supportive of your mental wellbeing?

Yes. There’s a massive emphasis here on making sure everyone is well looked after. We always know who our mental health champions are, where we can access well-being resources, and what we can do if we’re feeling pressured or down in any way. It’s something I feel the firm values enormously.

What do you think is around the corner for the industry?

As the dust settles on Brexit and hopefully the pandemic, I think there’s going to be a growth orientated outlook for many businesses. I think Deloitte Legal are going to be serious disruptors in that legal market, and I’m excited to be part of that. Owing to our full service offering I feel we are able to provide genuine value-add to a range of clients in times of both boom and bust.

The introduction of the National Security and Investment Act 2021is also going to make an enormous impact on upcoming, and some past, deals. This act gives the UK Government the power to intervene in certain investments to protect national security. If companies do not comply, the potential consequences include fines, criminal liability and transactions being declared null & void. Critically, it’s still ambiguous as to what qualifies as a national security interest, meaning the UK Government can interpret this in a broad manner and implement interim or final orders to almost any transaction. It will be fascinating to see this legislation used for the first time.