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Bold strategic decisions and precise execution matter more now than ever before in today’s rapidly changing global economy. Whether it is pursuing new growth, delivering the latest innovations, maximising long term returns from existing offers, or managing risk more effectively, companies have to be ready to act in the unique moments that will define future success and failure, and perhaps even survival.

That is where Monitor Deloitte excels. We help organisations move quickly and pragmatically to take advantage of new opportunities, while mitigating risks along the way. We achieve this through a combination of deep industry experience, world class next generation capabilities and an entrepreneurial mindset, that allow us to incubate, develop and deploy innovative strategies and products at a rapid pace. Our unique position as part of Deloitte means that we can see strategy through to implementation and as a result, maximise the impact of our strategy work.

Monitor Deloitte operates across four key capability areas:

  • Digital strategy and innovation
  • Analytics
  • Customer and marketing
  • Strategic transformation
We work across industries with a particular focus on:
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Consumer Business (including Retail)
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector

We serve leaders and organisations with the passion and position to forge new paths and practices. We believe that to have impact, you have to work across the organisation: we work closely with every organisational level to generate, understand and communicate new insights and execute strategic decisions that position them for transformative change.

At Monitor Deloitte, we create an innovative and empowering environment for our people:

  • We foster a culture of innovation that encourages, celebrates and rewards development of further waves of next generation solutions
  • We offer a great variety of non-linear career journeys that enhance individual career flexibility and engagement
  • We work to develop a new generation of Digital Transformation leaders.
To this end, we value three crucial components in our people:

Capabilities – analytical and interpersonal excellence as well as demonstrated leadership
Capacity to learn – a strong intellectual curiosity and appetite for continuous learning
Commitment – to personal goals and development, to our clients and to our community and its values

Our investments in deep analytics, innovation and research help our clients build dynamic organisations to lead in an environment of constant change. Our clients tell us that the way we work side by side with them is distinctive. We are committed to working together to change how we shape the future.

How to apply for a Full time graduate position at Monitor Deloitte in the Deloitte Recruitment System?

To apply for a position at Monitor Deloitte, please access the Deloitte Recruitment System and make sure to choose the following in your registration form:

  • “Full Time Graduate” as programme choice
  • “Strategy & Operations” as preferred job family
  • “London” as preferred location
  • “Consulting Full Time Graduate S&O Monitor Deloitte” as your preferred vacancy.

Monitor Deloitte also offers an 8 week summer internship. To be eligible, you need to be at least in your penultimate year of study (i.e. able to join the firm in the September of the following year).

To apply, please access the Deloitte Recruitment System and make sure choose the following in your registration form:

  • “Summer Vacation Scheme” as programme choice
  • “Strategy & Operations” as preferred job family
  • “London” as preferred location
  • “Monitor Deloitte - Strategy” as your preferred vacancy.

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