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Our focus is helping our clients solve complex business problems through technology. This covers everything from strategy, procurement and design, to delivery and assurance of technology solutions. And we work on some of the most challenging and high profile projects around. Whether we’re developers with deep technical expertise or more general practitioners with keen strategy, management and business acumen, one thing unites us all: a passion for technology. The breadth of our offerings means we have exciting opportunities for all types of technology practitioners.

Why work in Technology Consulting?

In one word: innovation. Our Technology team is in high demand; we’re constantly sought out by the largest companies and organisations, across every industry. They turn to us to solve their trickiest technical and business problems, by exploiting current technology in novel ways and creating cutting edge new solutions.

We cover everything from strategy to system design, managing projects, people and processes. And you’ll be right in the thick of it.

The Technology practice has been structured in a way that allows us to provide end-to-end services to our clients across all industries, right from strategy down to delivery in the most effective manner.

Our work focuses on four core themes:

  • Transforming business processes with technology that provides competitive advantage; 
  • Achieving and running world class Information Technology businesses and departments; 
  • Innovating and implementing emerging, game-changing technology developments; and 
  • Realising value through organisational change, whether regulatory, through merger & acquisition, or through other transaction-related activities.

Addressing these core themes draws on skills and capabilities across all of the Technology practice and ensures we sit at the heart of our clients’ business success.

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Analytics & Information Management (AIM)

What we do

AIM is all about helping clients uncover and unlock the value buried deep inside vast amounts of data. We impact industries, transform businesses and help our clients design, build and run data-driven organisations. We are recognised as the best analytics firm in the UK.

We help our clients derive value from the information they already have to measure performance, drive profitability and meet regulatory requirements. We deliver this by using cutting edge tools to:

  • Predict the future of a business – using data and business plans to measure and drive performance and determine how finances, people and processes need to change to improve the business;
  • Visualise complex trends – organisations are increasingly information driven and we use modern tools to create visual displays and real-time dashboards that can help a CEO use their iPad to make smarter decisions;
  • Organise their data – across the world data is growing exponentially and so are the challenges around how to manage it;
  • Integrate their data – following mergers or systems roll-outs it’s critical to integrate data so that it can work together and inform business decisions;
  • Automate their data – using Artificial Intelligence to augment human intelligence, we help our clients improve their customer services, make better decisions and improve their business efficiency; and
  • Capture new data – new data sources are everywhere (social media, images, workforce data, customer data, mapping data, voice, free text etc.) and the business that can make use of this first can have serious competitive advantage.

Your career

Join AIM and you can pursue an Advisory or Technical career path. Both work across multiple industries, with every team having a blend of business, technology and science skills.

Our Advisory teams work directly with our clients to set their data strategy and define architectures, processes and tools to improve the way clients manage their information. This role will test and develop interpersonal skills and provide you with experience of the end-to-end process of a technology project, from definition, through development and on to User Acceptance Testing.

Our Technical teams focus on designing, developing and delivering systems. You’ll develop vital technical skills that are needed more and more in our projects. This includes – but is not limited to – Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive, Big Data, Information Architecture design, Advanced Statistical Analysis, and Systems Configuration.

Deloitte Digital

What we do

Part Business. Part Creative. Part Technology. One hundred per cent digital. We’re a new type of creative digital consultancy that fuses strategy, tech and design to identify where businesses need to be, then get them there. Fast. Through our studios spread across the globe, we help our clients imagine, deliver and run the future, from customer research right through to implementation. And we love doing it.

As part of our team, you’ll work side by side with strategists, designers, researchers, engineers, writers, architects and product specialists – using your unique skills and perspective to help drive transformation from operational level to the C-suite, across a complete range of digital channels. We believe in our people, which means giving them the support they need to get the best balance of work and life. Individuality, flexibility, diversity are things we’re passionate about. We wouldn’t be Deloitte Digital without it.

An innovative leader in online and mobile strategy, design and development, we offer world-class knowledge and resources and are the leading global business and technology consultancy. We work with a wide range of iconic local and global organisations, helping them understand and profit from the online and mobile revolution.

Our difference comes from our diversity. We evaluate our client's challenges and opportunities from many angles. Bringing talent and skills from across our consulting business, our people have the business acumen of a strategic advisor, the design capability of a creative agency and the engineering depth of a technology firm. We can shape our broader range of capabilities into an integrated solution for those transformation projects requiring expertise in areas such as operations, human capital management, risk management and data analytics. In essence, we think, we shape, we act.

Your career

You can choose between four entry routes as a graduate in Deloitte Digital.

  • As a Graduate Engineer you'll work as part of a team that brings together all the necessary skills and experience to deliver great digital solutions that excite our clients and their customers. You’ll contribute to building web and mobile experiences that transform the way they interact with their customers
  • As a Designer you’ll be involved in a wide range of projects, using design to innovate on your feet to solve real world problems. We’re looking for curious people that can demonstrate a genuine passion for all things design. You will have the opportunity to work across design disciplines and have specialist knowledge in one of these including visual design, user experience, content strategy and copywriting
  • As a Data Scientist Graduate, you will pull together actionable insight for clients based on the vast amount of data created in today’s digital age. You will be involved in designing and building analytical models, tools and apps that make real impact on our clients’ businesses
  • As an Advisory Graduate, you will help our clients shape their marketing, sales and customer service strategies, design customer and user experiences, structure their front office operations and adopt digital technologies, transforming the way they engage with their customers.

Enterprise Applications

What we do

Want to help one of the world’s largest banks move to the Cloud? Do you wonder what it would take to merge the systems of the two biggest brewers in the world? Do you want to be part of a team that develops analytics on the best way to build submarines?

In Enterprise Applications we work with the biggest clients, helping them develop their strategic vision for the mission critical apps that run their day-to-day business operations. We implement the latest technologies that are changing the way we work, undoubtedly for the better. And we cultivate innovation, working with emerging technologies to redefine platform functionality and build new propositions for our clients.

We have alliances with some of the biggest players in this space, as well as working with emerging vendors. Our alliances include world-class brands like Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, Workday and other Cloud Applications.

Join us and you’ll help clients achieve end-to-end business transformation; changing every layer of their organisation: people, process and technology. Creating bespoke digital solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.

Your career

You will be part of a team that continues to challenge itself to provide innovative solutions for our clients including helping them to move to new cloud technology and developing new ways for our clients to engage with their customers.

Financial Services Applications

What we do

The Financial Services Industry (FS) is facing a number of challenges in an ever-changing landscape:

  • Innovation – FS is an old fashioned industry that’s now rapidly innovating
  • Highly sensitive, complex data – FS firms rely on high volumes of secure, accurate data to drive business
  • Increasing regulation – reliable and auditable applications are needed to meet reporting demands
  • Cost reduction – simplifying and rationalising existing application landscapes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – an increase in market consolidation and aggressive M&A activity.

We support our clients in these challenges, by offering application-enabled change across three sectors: Capital Markets, Insurance and Transaction Banking.

We take our clients’ strategic visions and business requirements and translate them into effective processes and supporting applications that integrate across their entire organisation. This includes all kinds of projects, from strategic design, advisory and business-readiness work, to business application implementation.

Your career

A career in FS-Applications is a world-class opportunity to learn and develop your skills across a wide range of capabilities. Working with some of the biggest investment banks, retail banks and insurance firms across the world to deliver complex, challenging and unique projects.

Product Enables Services (PES)

What we do

We discover, design and deliver what does not yet exist; we create what tomorrow looks like. Specifically, high quality, algorithm-driven and data analytics-led enterprise software assets.

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, automation is replacing many of the repetitive tasks people have traditionally done. And our consultants are coming up with a huge number of great ideas to solve our clients’ problems. All these factors led to the creation of a dedicated resource to make these ideas happen: Deloitte PES.

We work across industries and sectors and with every part of the Deloitte business. Once an idea has been established as viable, our teams look at the user experience and how best to design the product. We shadow clients to understand how they’re using the assets we create, where they get blocked and have issues, and how we might improve it. We design the products to address our clients’ specific pain points.

Your career

Because we design and deliver products and solutions in a start-up like environment, we’re empowered to shape how we do things. And you will be too. Swift, agile and innovative, yet embedded within the world’s largest professional services firm. We have the backing of Deloitte’s reputation and brand, with all the support and resources that come with that.

The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional technology or consulting role, there’s global reach and you’ll work with all parts of our business. The diversity of experience you’ll gain is unparalleled.

Systems Integration

What we do

We develop, deliver, and test complex technology programmes for our clients, from new digital platforms and enterprise applications, through to complete IT infrastructure transformations. We keep ourselves at the cutting edge, advising our clients on the most innovative solutions, and implementing the latest technologies. As system integrators, we are at the heart of our clients’ challenges, pulling our best people and capabilities together, to deliver tangible results.

  • Technology Programme Delivery - We support our clients’ largest and most complex programmes through the full lifecycle from inception to delivery, utilising our extensive programme management and delivery expertise
  • Solution Development and Integration – From Robotics & Cognitive Automation to Internet of Things, we stand on the forefront of innovative technology to help our clients deliver transformational solutions for their businesses
  • Testing – Our industry qualified testing practitioners plan, manage, and execute the testing software needed for our clients’ large-scale technology programmes, supporting the full lifecycle of testing activities needed to prove a solution.

Your career

You will soon discover that we leave words like “impossible” at the door. In Systems Integration, we empower our practitioners with the skills, training and exposure needed to create solutions to our clients’ most complex problems.

No two days are the same, with every industry, client, and programme having its own unique challenges. Our strengths lie not only in our long successful history of delivery and expertise, but also in our ability to adapt to the latest technologies in an ever-evolving world. From testing the security of a multi-national banking system, to delivering new sales platforms for some of the country’s largest retailers, we’re constantly seeking to meet and exceed the highest standards of what it’s possible to achieve.

Technology Strategy and Architecture (TS&A)

What we do

Want to be part of a team that works with c-suite and international clients across their technology transformation journey to achieve what feels like the impossible? Want to bring and contribute your ideas to challenge the status quo to achieve the best result? Our people sit at the heart of many of the most exciting technology projects in the UK and abroad. We advise CIOs on their Technology strategy and how to make the most of their Technology function. We’re the first people asked when clients need innovative solutions to their most complex, critical and disruptive technology challenges.

We’re famous for our advice in business and technology, and our ability to execute on this advice and deliver transformational outcomes for our clients. We cover everything from strategy design to implementation and managed services; where we have been externally recognised through industry awards.

Given all businesses now rely on technology to stay competitive, our clients span every industry and every sector, from local councils to multi-national financial institutions.

Being part of our team will mean you get to work with strategists, creators, architects, solutionists and delivery leaders. We value our people and therefore invest in their experience and skillsets. On starting the TS&A graduate scheme we will give you the opportunity to experience a range of opportunities across the technology transformation journey and gain the relevant qualifications to support you deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We value creativity and therefore we provide a platform that gives you the opportunity to explore your interests and align to a community where you see yourself excelling. TS&A never stops, our practitioners are always looking for the “what’s next” in the technology market, ensuring we are at the forefront of the evolving technology landscape. Technology is no longer just an “enabler” for businesses, it’s how a business operates.

We help our clients to:

  • Change the direction of their technology
  • Move to the latest technologies and use them effectively
  • Completely restructure how they operate to improve flexibility, profitability and market competitiveness
  • Identify and drive significant cost savings
  • Work with other businesses to develop joint solutions that have never been thought of before.
  • Ensure they can continue in the event of major changes or disruption
  • develop their people to realise their full potential.

Your career

A career in TS&A will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to shape and deliver some of the most complex, challenging and intriguing technology-enabled change programmes.

You can work across a variety of non-technical and technical roles and will soon develop an understanding of client challenges across industry, sector and specialist domains.

On starting with TS&A you will sit with your peers with a TS&A management team focused on your development over your junior talent scheme; supported with a training programme to develop your technology business and technical skillset.

We’re powered by partnerships, from alliances with Oracle to ServiceNow and Google Cloud
We’re powered by partnerships, from alliances with Oracle to ServiceNow and Google Cloud
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