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Student opportunities in Financial Advisory

If you think both analytically and creatively, this is where you need to be. We’re more involved in our client’s affairs than ever before, providing advice and services far beyond pure financial diligence. There are so many different aspects to be involved in – business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial crime investigations, real estate, debt advisory, investments or business modelling – you’ll gain exposure to a huge variety of projects and a diverse portfolio of clients. It’s all about finding the cleverest solutions to the most complex problems.

Why work in Financial Advisory?

Creative problem solving. Constant change. Innovative thinking. If you thrive on intellectual challenges you’ll fit right in. We do all kinds of work for every type of client; so the opportunities to learn, develop and discover what inspires you most are endless.

We aim to offer the best professional services in the market. Which means we need driven, curious people, like you, who are able to think creatively and stay at the forefront of the marketplace. We’re creating lasting impact for our clients; you’ll be part of a team that’s delivering world-class solutions.

You will have client contact from the very start of your career. The area of Financial Advisory you join will determine the type of day-to-day work you do, but all our people use a combination of skills in serving their clients. You’ll gain deep insights into your clients’ industries, getting under the skin of their daily operations and helping them solve some of the most challenging problems they are ever likely to face. 

Explore your Options:

Advisory - Introduction

Our Advisory area is made up of three teams Business Modelling, Government & Infrastructure and Mergers & Acquisitions. Whatever your interest there is a an opportunity for your to learn and grow.

Advisory - Business Modelling & Analytics

What we do

Our Business Modelling Group is a market-leading, dedicated centre of excellence which draws upon the full service capability of the firm, making use of technical modelling and analytical toolkits to provide innovative, analytical support to help our clients make better decisions and achieve their goals. We gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ key business drivers and objectives, helping to identify, simulate and test their business options, enabling a deeper and more informed view of the potential risks and returns involved. Business Modelling is a specialist skill which is combined with financial expertise and industry sector knowledge.

Some of our impactful projects include:

Tactical Information Management Environment or ‘TIME’ is one of our recent exciting innovations. A web-based financial information management and calculation tool that provides real time interactive outputs that can run scenarios on demand, it’s accessible anywhere and at any time. This platform is more robust than Excel, has powerful workflow management capability, and can be deployed in a fraction of the time.

Another taster of what we do is the development of DICE. Using technology to reduce the time to calculate big data, our Distributed Intelligent Calculation Engine is a process that takes a large set of data, splits it into lots of smaller tasks, and executes calculations on multiple virtual computers. The remodelled solution means we can generate almost instant forecasts and gain new insights through interactive data visualisations.

Your career

You’ll learn the tools and methodologies you need, as well as gain the practical experience to help our clients make their most testing decisions. From day one you’ll get stuck into real work, building relationships with senior clients from some of the world’s most prolific companies.

Your skills and knowledge will develop quickly as you’re immersed in a range of work from the assessment of strategic options for clients focusing on growing their businesses, the investment appraisal of potential acquisition targets, to supporting clients on buy-side and sell-side transactions, as well as analysing companies to inform valuations.

Advisory - Government & Infrastructure

What we do

Our Government and Infrastructure team provides specialist finance raising and commercial contract negotiation advice to private and public sector clients. We operate across the infrastructure, energy and public services sectors.

Our service areas include:

  • Major infrastructure and capital programmes
  • Government led reorganisations and restructurings
  • Public procurement
  • Project and Public Private Partnership (PPP) financing
  • Privatisations and outsourcings

Your career

You’ll have the opportunity to work on some of the largest and most important public sector investment projects in the UK, which have a tangible impact on the economy. Recent examples of projects we’ve been involved with include large rail industry projects, working with nuclear power plants and government vehicle maintenance.

Working across our teams you’ll develop the skills that enable you to advise on the procurement, negotiation and (when sought by government) re-negotiation of major contracts between the public and private sector, particularly where these involve detailed incentive payment arrangements. As well as that, you’ll work with and learn from professionals who have significant experience of advising government and its corporate entities on structural options, ownership reviews and sales and privatisations of government assets.

Advisory - Mergers & Acquisitions

What we do

We support clients by advising them on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, including buying and selling businesses and assets and raising funds. From niche start-ups to some of the most recognised brands in the world, we advise private and public companies, private equity houses and their investee companies and financial institutions.

We’re often supporting businesses and owners in making important strategic decisions, realising value for them and their stakeholders. It can be a highly emotive time for them and our support helps guide them through the challenges they face. Our advice has a real impact on the growth and future success of the companies, and markets we operate in. The areas M&A support clients with include:

  • Helping clients to buy businesses: helping them to grow, access new markets and assets, and to better source finance
  • Helping clients to sell businesses: helping stakeholders realise value and achieve maximum returns and prioritise areas for growth of their wider business
  • Helping clients to raise funds from private and public equity
  • Provide specialist support for in-house M&A teams

Your career

You’ll gain experience across all sectors before potentially choosing to specialise in one. This could include Consumer, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Media and Telecoms, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure, Financial Institutions, or Industrials. From day one you’ll be building relationships with senior members of both the Deloitte teams and your client’s team – so you’ll quickly build networks and develop your skills.

You might find yourself supporting clients on buy side transactions from the initial point of accessing potential acquisition targets, to the drafting of offer letters and negotiation of final contracts at completion. Or if you’re working on sell side transactions you could be preparing a business for either a full sale or the sale of a particular subsidiary or division. You might even see the results of your hard work in the press.

Forensic - Introduction

As part of the world’s leading provider of Forensic and Dispute Advisory services, our teams are constantly sought out by high profile organisations who need to perform extensive, complex and often urgent investigations into their business operations and data. We also provide proactive advice for clients to reduce the risk of future problems. With more than 4,000 dedicated practitioners in over 30 countries, you’ll learn from some of the top professionals in the industry.

We use state-of-the-art technology and play a vital role in a wide variety of investigations, disputes and advisory engagements. One of the most exciting aspects of our work is that no two projects are the same so there are always new challenges to be faced.

Opportunities exist in four areas in our Forensic practice. Whichever one you join, you’ll be using your skills to combat fraud, bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, international sanctions and intellectual property disputes.

Forensic - Financial Crime

What we do

In short, financial crime is a hot topic and it is a key priority for regulators, authorities and governments globally. In recent years, regulators have started to impose tougher penalties for breaches of regulations, involving fines in the millions. Organised crime groups, money launderers, terrorists and fraudsters are increasingly using sophisticated international networks and financial systems to move or store funds and assets or commit fraud.

Financial institutions are particularly vulnerable due to the nature of their businesses and the volume of transactions and client relationships they manage. Deloitte provides a unique financial crime solution to complement our clients existing capability, tailored to even the most complex financial crime issues. We work with clients to sustainably enhance how they manage financial crime risks and to navigate key challenges.

Your career

We have a structured two year Graduate Training Programme with a technical grounding in Financial Crime. You’ll learn all the fundamental capabilities you need for the role and for progression within the firm including a professional qualification through the International Compliance Association’s Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering.

From day one you’ll work alongside specialists drawn from a wide range of professional and technical backgrounds to help our clients address their greatest commercial, legal and regulatory challenges. The nature of our business means you’ll have the opportunity to travel, both across the UK and further afield.

You’ll learn from our financial crime experts who cover Anti-Money Laundering, Trade and Economic Sanctions, Fraud, Anti-Bribery and Corruption matters, and develop skills and experience in following areas:

Technical Advisory:

You’ll be part of our specialist technical advisory team, consisting of sector and regulatory experts, to help clients evaluate and enhance their financial crime risk management framework, providing bespoke subject matter expertise and execution capabilities to provide concrete and actionable advice to our clients.

Retrospective services:

Here, you’ll help clients act quickly and confidently in the face of financial crime regulatory concerns and actions they need to take.

Managing change and building sustainable business models:

This team translates key financial crime requirements into effective business designs by assessing companies business models in relation to regulatory changes and their strategic objectives. You’ll also be involved in reviewing effectiveness of controls, process improvements, and implementation of organisational design.

Forensic Technology - eDiscovery & Digital Forensics

What we do

We use cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced digital forensic tools, our in-house developed software innovations and artificial intelligence (AI), to help our clients in a time of crisis or to support them in meeting regulatory requirements.

The eDiscovery team processes, analyses and produces a variety of data types in response to regulator requests, litigation procedures or investigations. We support corporates and their legal teams throughout the document review process, helping the lawyers to shape the review strategy and leveraging advancements in technology, such as machine learning and robotics, to gain efficiencies, increase quality and reduce costs.

Our Digital Forensics experts investigate data breaches, intellectual property theft, network intrusions and software piracy. They can even recover deleted items, which could contain the smoking gun to a case!

The Monitoring and Surveillance software solutions and services we provide help organisations mitigate regulatory risk by monitoring and analysing employee communications - from sources such as chat, email and phone conversations - to identify potential compliance issues for further investigation.

We also implement Contract Management solutions. This involves leveraging our Artificial Intelligence expertise and sophisticated algorithms to automate a number of contract related tasks such as the creation and negotiation of contracts, identifying concepts and clauses, spotting issues and trends, and comparing contracts. The result? Hidden risks can be easily identified. This helps our clients negotiate business deals quicker as well as manage their contract portfolios better.

Your career

Every day is different. One week you may be in Europe analysing voice and WhatsApp messages from a CEO’s mobile phone, the next you may be writing code to apply redactions to highly confidential documents, defining legal workflows in preparation for automating the management of vendor contracts or helping a client get their business back to normal after falling victim to a global hacking attempt.

When you join us you’ll start a two year training program that will equip you with the skills you need for an exciting career. To be successful you’ll need a passion for technology and an inquisitive mind.

You’ll be working on highly sensitive projects from day one, learning from our experts and using a variety of software products and technologies in Electronic Discovery, Digital Forensics, Monitoring and Surveillance or Contract Management.

Forensic Technology - Analytics

What we do

We love working with data and we want to help our clients get the most from theirs, whether they are investigating potential fraud or understanding a financial crime network. We work with our clients to find pioneering ways to transform their data and develop solutions to help them investigate, monitor and prevent issues occurring.

We combine investigative skills, economic crime knowledge and technical expertise with cutting-edge technology, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to offer innovative solutions to our clients’ legal and regulatory problems. We also leverage all of these skills, technologies and capabilities to analyse our clients’ vast populations of communications, payment transactions and documents. What we’re looking to identify is suspicious behaviour, potential compliance issues and a whole host of other complex accounting, fraud and misconduct issues.

Your career

You’ll have the opportunity to work on high profile, and often international, projects. You’ll quickly build a strong and diverse network as you’ll work with different parts of the Deloitte business across the globe.

You could be helping our clients engaged in complex disputes to locate and extract evidence held in their systems, or developing machine learning algorithms to identify fraudulent payment activities. Every day you will be finding innovative solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems.

Our rapidly growing team have an extremely varied set of technical and professional skills and industry backgrounds so the opportunities to develop and learn from them are endless.

And don’t worry, you’ll be taught all you need to know – through technical, business and industry-focused training as well as on-the-job experience. You’ll gain a grounding in data analytics - from investigative analysis and financial crime technology to machine learning techniques and big data tools. From day one you’ll be applying what you learn to real-life client problems.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Financial Institutions Group

Our Mergers & Acquisitions – Financial Institutions Group (M&A FIG) team comprises industry leading M&A advisers, led by a senior team with significant experience across the full spectrum of the financial services sector. Working alongside market recognised experts, you will have the opportunity to support in the delivery of industry leading M&A advice, deal execution and first class client service to financial institutions and investors in the sector. The M&A FIG team is delivering a truly unique and highly valued offering to the M&A market and remains a priority sector for the firm.

What we do

The M&A FIG team cover clients across the UK and Europe, advising them on highly strategic transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), i.e. buying and selling businesses and assets, equity capital market and debt advisory and restructuring and transaction structuring. From niche start-ups to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, we advise senior management teams of banks, insurance companies, asset managers, speciality finance and private equity houses.

We are often supporting businesses and owners in making important strategic decisions, realising value for them and their stakeholders. It can be a highly emotive time for them and our support helps guide them through the challenges they face. Our advice has a real impact on the growth and future success of the companies, and markets we operate in. The areas M&A support clients with include:

  • Helping clients to buy businesses: helping them to grow, access new markets and assets, and to better source finance
  • Helping clients to sell businesses: helping stakeholders realise value and achieve maximum returns and prioritise areas for growth of their wider business
  • Helping clients to raise funds from private and public equity
  • Strategic shareholder advisory
  • Restructuring and transaction structuring

Your career

You’ll gain experience across all FIG sub-sectors before potentially choosing to specialise in one. From day one you’ll be building relationships with senior members of both the Deloitte teams and your client’s team – so you’ll quickly build networks and develop your skills.

You might find yourself supporting clients on buy side transactions from the initial point of accessing potential acquisition targets, to the drafting of offer letters and negotiation of final contracts at completion. Or if you’re working on sell side transactions you could be preparing a business for either a full sale or the sale of a particular subsidiary or division. You might even see the results of your hard work in the press.

Product & Solutions - Software Development

What we do

Increasingly, clients are looking for innovative solutions to provide better insight and efficiency than existing industry standard software. Our team (based in St. Albans) builds software platforms to bridge this gap, by leveraging cloud services and cutting-edge technology and applying it to the Forensic domain.

We work closely with colleagues in Forensic Technology, Investigations, Disputes and Financial Crime, to distil innovative ideas into specifications software based products . Our developers build these products , following an Agile development methodology. These products and solutions include advanced analytics, data visualisation, business process management and automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Among other projects, we’ve designed and prototyped an investigations platform; we’ve built a photo recognition system for the EMEA executive summit; we’ve created the prototype for moving an in-house e-discovery solution to the AWS Cloud; and we’ve built a system for aggregating data from public data sources.

As well as Forensic, we’re part of the firm-wide Products and Solutions group, which means there’s exciting potential to get involved in projects in other service lines.

Your career

If creative problem solving is your thing, then this is for you. Every project you’ll work on will be unique and have different challenges. It’ll be up to you and your team members to ensure that you build innovative products that are first to solve some of our clients’ most complex problems, using Cloud technology to ensure these products scale to our global demands.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of software development from writing code to testing to deployment. It’s not just software languages that you’ll learn, we’ll train you in technologies such as Amazon Web Services, graph databases and visualisation. We’ll also train you in the best delivery practices from start to finish.

Real Estate - Introduction

Deloitte Real Estate has a strong track record in undertaking high profile and complex real estate projects on behalf of a diverse set of clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, from financial services clients such as UBS to public sector work with the Ministry of Defence and on the High Speed 2 programme.

We combine property expertise with financial and business advice, offering integrated solutions to our Clients and a full spectrum of services. Deloitte Real Estate, offers a breadth of capability and an innovative approach unequalled in the market. We provide transaction and consultative services, as well as a variety of specialist advice, to a wide range of private and public sector clients across the UK and abroad.

Our team focuses on achieving the best results for our Clients. From objective assurance and process control to strategy and execution.

Real Estate - Advisory

What we do

Real Estate Development

The Development team’s core areas of focus are Development Consultancy and Transactions. The team provides a unique combination of strategic advice, financial, business planning and procurement services to add value to our clients projects. We advise landowners and developers on over 100 million sq ft of commercial, mixed-use and residential space in London and the regions. The team’s diverse skill range also includes supporting on scheme concepts and phasing, delivery structures and business cases for corporate and public sector.

Valuations, Assurance and Professional Advisory

Deloitte Real Estate’s Valuation, Assurance and Professional Advisory team (“VAPA”) provides valuation and business rates advice, opinions, assurance and advocacy/negotiation services across the full spectrum of property types and geographies. The team is engaged in both direct-to-market activities as well as connecting with a broad range of Deloitte’s wider offer to deliver truly unique insights to clients.

The VAPA team provides a genuinely differentiated service to ‘traditional’ valuation houses. As well as providing valuation ‘opinions’, the team has a deep track record in delivering complementary services – such as assurance, buy/sell-side due diligence and strategy input – as part of a multi-disciplinary ‘cross-Deloitte’ team.

We support the wider Deloitte business by providing expert input into the Firm’s audit engagements where a real estate exposure exists. We also have expertise across both the traditional and alternative sectors of commercial real estate, the residential market (private and public sector), and Business Rates.

Your career

We offer first class training opportunities in each of our three business units. You’ll be equipped with all the necessary skills to pass your APC / CIMA professional qualifications. With that in mind, we will give you access to a diverse range of challenging projects to put you in the strongest position. You’ll also benefit from the wider business perspectives being part of what Deloitte offers.

Real Estate - Capital Project Advisory

What we do

Our department provides Consulting, Project Management and Cost Consultancy Delivery Advice, Assurance and Due Diligence services to clients across a range of industry sectors. We’re here to help our clients through their projects, and to aid them in making decisions and plans. We provide end to end assurance and advice, as well as project delivery capabilities.

Your career

Joining our department means working with the best of our industry and learning something new every day. It’s about building on current skills and developing new ones. In the end it’s about progressing your career with the help and support of a world leading professional services business.

Real Estate - Consulting

What we do

This team advises property owners, corporate occupiers, government, investors, lenders and leaders of major capital projects on their complex property and infrastructure-related business issues.

Our property, finance and construction professionals combine deep technical property knowledge with financial and business advisory expertise to deliver insightful solutions for the world’s largest organisations.

Our work could result in physical real estate transformation – for example shaping large, complex portfolios, or advising on major HQ developments, or organisation real estate transformation – for example changing the way the organisation manages space, budgets or interacts with the wider business or its suppliers.

We often work on large scale projects in teams from across the Deloitte business, helping you develop strong networks.

Real Estate - Town Planning

What we do

The National Planning Team has more than 60 consultants located across the UK in offices in Manchester, Leeds and London. We work at a strategic level with our clients to deliver integrated town planning solutions to help deliver major housing, regeneration and infrastructure projects.

We combine our planning consultancy skills with the expertise of colleagues specialising in Environmental Impact Assessment, Development Consultancy, Affordable Housing and Economic Assessment to address complex planning and development challenges.

We prepare and manage planning applications for major commercial, retail, residential, institutional, culture and heritage, sport and infrastructure schemes. Other work includes provide planning due diligence and reviews for clients and strategic planning which includes site promotion and advising clients on the local plan making process.

To name just two of our recent projects, we’ve worked on: Here East; a world-leading technology and digital cluster in the Olympic Park, and Trinity Island in Manchester which provided 1,400 new homes as part of a mixed use development in Manchester City Centre, including Manchester’s tallest building at 67 storeys.

Your career

You’ll develop not just your technical expertise but your analytical ability and interpersonal skills too. Since innovation is something that drives us, we’ll encourage you to explore your own ground-breaking ideas. You’ll work with a broad spectrum of clients including landowners, investors, developers, corporate occupiers, government departments, local authorities, third sector organisations, cultural institutions and infrastructure providers.

We’ll give you all the support you need, as well as the chance to study towards your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which will stand you in good stead as your career unfolds. Our Graduates follow the RTPI APC route to become a chartered town planner following two years of planning.

Restructuring Services

What we do

We provide assistance and advice to under-performing, financially distressed, or insolvent businesses and/or their stakeholders. This may take the form of working with stakeholders or acting in a formal insolvency role such as administrators.

We work closely with our clients to stabilise crisis situations or address significant underperformance. This can include everything from performance improvement and turnaround planning to working capital management and financial restructuring.

On insolvency appointments, we are generally responsible for running a business for a short period whilst steps are taken to formulate a rescue plan – this will often involve a period of hands-on trading and, ultimately, a sale or transition of the business.

Your career

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the largest and most influential clients both in the UK and abroad, and across a broad range of industries – recent assignments include famous high street brands such as New Look and Poundworld, to financial organisations such as Middle East fund manager Abraaj Investment Management. So you might find that the projects you’re working on may be high-profile stories in the news.

Restructuring Services offers you challenging work and a great deal of variety, you’ll be constantly learning. The combination of advising a distressed business and studying for the ACA qualification provides you with a unique opportunity to develop your financial analytical skills as well as broaden your business acumen.

Transaction Services

What we do

The Transaction Services team provides due diligence on Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) transactions, which means you’ll be helping clients, who are planning to buy, sell or take-over businesses, to assess the deal.

The services we offer are vital in helping organisations assess the accuracy of financial information, identify and quantify potential risks and secure better deal value. Additionally, third parties such as lenders often rely on our work to gain assurance over their M&A financing decisions.

For example, we recently helped Sainsbury’s acquisition of Home Retail Group, the owner of the Argos and Habitat Brands. We provided independent due diligence of Home Retail Group, alongside an objective review of the combined business. Our support culminated in the successful acquisition by Sainsbury’s of Argos for £1.4bn.

Your career

You’ll work on some of the largest and most complex acquisitions and joint ventures in the UK. Gaining experience across all sorts of industries – from energy, healthcare and life sciences, to technology and media, and some of the most recognised consumer brands in the world – you’ll combine market-leading approaches with cutting-edge M&A technologies to deliver projects for high profile, often commercially sensitive deals.

Amongst the key clients you might find yourself working for are Asda, Aston Martin, Coca Cola, Deutsche Bank, Giraffe, Huawei, Jaguar Land Rover, Macquarie, Purple Bricks, Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Trainline and Travis Perkins - just to name a few.

Transaction Services - Post Merger Integration:

As a key team within Transaction Services, we help clients with the execution of a deal when they are planning to buy, sell or take-over businesses. These are often large global deals with high profile organisations. Made up of five teams: Integrations and Separations, Merger & Acquisition Operations, Value Creation Services, Merger & Acquisition Technology and Commercial Due Diligence. We provide everything from pre-deal due diligence in operations, technology and commercial & separation assist through to post-deal integrations and value creation services. Both due diligence and post deal advisory services cross a range of areas including integrations, separations, operations, performance improvement and technology.

We work with a variety of clients from vendors and buyers to banks and private equity firms. Working in collaborative teams alongside external advisors such as lawyers, investment banks and diligence consultants. You will be exposed to many different stakeholders and have to build some strong relationships with our clients, but you will be supported by a team of highly skilled, motivated and fun people.

Transaction Services – Analytics

Automation takes care of the more repetitive tasks, so we can focus our time on adding greater value in the areas that really matter to our clients. You might find yourself working on projects where we’re developing human-like chat bots who can scan through large data-sets and generate hypothesis for clients. Or helping develop innovative products and tools to meet evolving mergers and acquisition requirements for clients interested in digital businesses.

Your career

From the start you’ll work directly with clients to help them deliver their business objectives including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions and other performance improvement objectives. We work across a number of sectors so the industry experience you gain will be broad and varied. In addition, with a global client base whose operations are spread across the world, travel will be a large part of your work.

We work in close collaboration with other Deloitte member firms across Europe, with projects staffed cross-country depending on our client’s needs and requirements, and our expertise. Our team has a diverse team culture, with a large proportion of our people coming from all over the world, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa. So not only will you gain a vast array of knowledge, you’ll learn about our different customs and cultures too.

You’ll gain experience across our multiple teams so you’ll develop an in-depth insight into the whole deal life cycle covering all sorts of different aspects from pre- to post-deal. And you’ll do these through different lenses such as technology, commercials, operations, and financials.

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