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Student opportunities in Internal Services

This is your chance to play a vital role in helping us deliver important projects for some of the largest and most exciting clients in the world. Our success is driven by our people, and in our Internal Services team, you can be a real part of this success.

Why work in Internal Services?

By working in Internal Services, you’ll be responsible for bringing out the best in our people by giving them the support they need to perform at the highest level. By helping our team make the most of the latest technological innovations, your work can have real far-reaching impact across the business. And you’ll have lots of opportunities to realise your potential too, with the chance to learn new skills and take your career in a direction that really plays to your strengths.

Explore your Options:

Information Security Operations / Architecture

What we do

We’re the first line of defence against any breaches or hacks, keeping our firm secure and safe against every possible danger. We support the Internal Service Lines as well as creating and implementing Cyber Defence tactics that ultimately help us to protect the firm, as well as our clients.

Your career

You’ll get the chance to work with other departments such as Consulting, Tax, Audit, Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with a broad range of external companies ranging from innovative start-ups to some the tech giants. From reviewing security architecture designs to proposing solutions and implementing them, you will be supported throughout the whole process.

Information Security Risk

What we do

We provide help that protects every single part of our firm from the growing cyber and information security threats. We decipher which threats are relevant to Deloitte and implement the correct procedures, so we can prevent security breaches that are affecting so many organisations.

Your career

You’ll get to watch your career flourish as you learn how organisations such as Deloitte protect themselves from the growing landscape of information and cyber threats, as well as working with all the lines of the business and IT functions. You’ll experience the inside of Deloitte, and how everything works.

IT Service Management

What we do

We’re responsible for keeping everyone working to their best standard. You’ll make sure that the right processes, technology and people are put in place to make sure the firm can achieve our goals smoothly. Because we are the people that ensure our internal people get a world-class experience.

Your career

You’ll not only have the opportunity to grow your own career, but also help others to do so. The diversity in roles in this department means you’ll have the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects, as well as helping us to keep the business safe and secure.

Business Engagement

What we do

You’ll work with a highly motivated team who are dedicated to working directly with our Service Lines. Our team is divided into two main roles:

Business Relationship Manager

We focus on the stakeholder and demand management, providing the opportunity to work alongside senior business leaders in delivering transformative technology.

Business Analyst

We create the business cases and map out their processes. We run interactive workshops and are constantly supporting innovation within Deloitte.

Your career

Working in Business Engagement, you will get the opportunity to work with highly talented and motivate Business Analysts and Relation Managers. You’ll have opportunities to develop your skills and widen your knowledge.

Digital Services

What we do

Our specialist team is an integral part of the firm’s innovative agenda, and how we plan to deliver it. We’re always discovering new ways to improve productivity and solve difficult challenges through innovation and technology. This means that we can produce our best and most exciting work. To do this, we use a lean start up approach with agile methodologies to rapidly ideate, test and deploy innovative solutions and technologies to all service lines.

Your career

We’re all about collaboration. Which is why your role will be such a vital role to play in the system of our firm. Whilst you progress, we will be supporting you at every step, with help from mentors and leaders.

Delivery Centre

What we do

Our Entry level Apprenticeship Scheme provides support to our client-facing employees, and their need to provide outstanding quality services. You will be hands on from the beginning, it’s all about completing research, administrative and project manager tasks. You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of our most influential clients and become the guru of the subject. This is currently available in two locations, our Cardiff delivery centre, and our Newcastle Centre of Excellence.

Your career

By joining the apprenticeship scheme, you will be exposed to multiple exciting projects and help your mentors to bring them to life. You’ll launch your career at one of the top four consulting firms, and study towards your Level 3 and 4 AAT qualification. Interested? Find our more here.

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