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Student opportunities in Tax Consulting

In Tax Consulting, you’ll provide clients with the support and advice they need to make key decisions on an international scale. We bring together a mix of commercial, industry and technical tax knowledge, creative thinking and innovative technology, to help solve some of the most complex business issues our clients face. In this an ever-more high profile area, you’ll have the chance to understand how business, and your particular clients, really work.

Deloitte Tax Consulting – Where will your career take you?

Why work in Tax Consulting?

We’re creating a new model for delivering tax services in a digital era. Join our team and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a renowned training programme, in a firm that’s embracing how technology and the world around us are changing. In fact, we’re the only Professional Services firm to be listed in Fortune magazine’s prestigious 2018 Change the World list for our work to prepare clients and our people for the technological changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We aim to offer the best tax services in the market. Which means we need driven, analytical professionals, like you, who are willing to stay at the forefront of technology and the marketplace to create lasting impact for our clients. Our practice is growing; you’ll be part of a team that’s building world-class capabilities.

You will have client contact from the very start of your career. The area of Tax Consulting you join will determine the type of day-to-day work you do, but all our people use a combination of skills in serving their clients. You’ll gain deep insights into your clients’ industries, getting under the skin of their day-to-day operations not just their accounts.

An exciting career awaits, where you’ll learn every day and advise all kinds of organisations, from FTSE 100s to start-ups to private individuals, helping them solve some of the most complex issues their business is ever likely to face.


Explore your Options:

Business Tax

What we do

In Business Tax, it’s our job to help our clients understand and manage tax demands. We combine cutting-edge technology with trusted business and tax expertise to work with one of the most varied client bases in the market. On every aspect of their tax affairs. Clients range from the biggest banks in the world, to the most popular celebrities, to the latest hot technology companies from Silicon Valley.

We use a widening array of technologically driven solutions to deliver the best possible advice to our clients. For example, crowd sourcing and robotics. Automation means certain tasks, that used to take weeks, now take minutes. We recently worked with a crowd sourcing company based in San Francisco to understand how we could collaborate to deliver transfer-pricing projects more efficiently.

Your career

From day one, you’ll work closely with clients - big and small - across all industries, on every aspect of their corporate tax. You’ll help them deal with the heightened focus on tax and the complexity of balancing legislation, case law and public perception. It’s not all about filing tax returns; in fact, in some areas you won’t be doing that at all. We also deliver large-scale, international projects, as the tax experts in a multidisciplinary team. You might develop an industry specialism too, but to start with you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience across our three main teams:

Tax Advisory

This team advises clients on a number of tax issues that are integral to their everyday operations and year-end financials. You might advise a listed multi-national corporate on how best to structure their operations, guide a UK-headed company through implementing new UK legislation, or discussing with a Japanese-headed group how to best navigate through commercial challenges such as ‘Brexit’. The work is hugely diverse and you’ll develop strong relationships with your clients too.

Tax Management Consulting

It’ll be your job to help our clients understand and manage increasingly complex tax demands. You’ll combine consulting skills in strategy, innovative new technology and process improvement (including building robots no less) to help our clients manage their business tax compliance, reporting and related obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible. This role goes way beyond traditional tax work, you might help develop innovative tax apps, for example, or find yourself flying to India to train and coach the next generation of staff, or running client workshops in our onsite immersive experience spaces.

Tax Management Consulting – Technology

In Technology Advisory, you will play a pivotal role advising on, developing and implementing software solutions to help our clients manage tax globally. You will also be at the forefront of the technology sector and using new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to innovate how we deliver maximum value to our clients.

Tax Management Consulting – Legal

The Legal Entity Management & Governance team deliver a broad range of compliance and advisory services to both UK and multinational clients. The range of services covers traditional company secretarial compliance, board support, global outsourcing and subsidiary governance reviews to operating model optimisation and technology roadmaps to help clients support their global entity footprint and drive efficiencies within their legal and corporate secretarial function.

Global Employer Services (GES)

What we do

In Global Employer Services we help businesses of all shapes and sizes with everything from setting the right pay structures to moving people across the globe, tax efficiently. Straddling both our Tax and Human Capital career paths, our teams offer key services and advice to our clients from a global perspective. You could be supporting business strategies and ensuring they stay legally compliant, helping people move across borders, or even implementing payroll services. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be a great start to your career.

Your career

You’ll find that we’re constantly challenging ourselves to provide innovative and more efficient solutions. For example, by introducing machine learning software that can analyse thousands of lines of expenses and benefits data, we’ve saved our clients – and ourselves – from repetitive and time consuming processes. Meaning you’re free from an early stage in your career to work on more value enhancing activities, wherever you join us.

Our clients come from every sector and every location, and include fully-listed companies, private family-owned businesses, private equity-backed companies and public sector organisations. And our support is unique to each one. As well as plenty of variety, this broad spectrum gives you opportunities to specialise in a favoured sector or field.

Japanese Mobility

Within our Global Employer Services Mobility practice, we have a dedicated bilingual team that supports more than 200 Japanese companies. We help them with global mobility, tax, social security, immigration, and various other talent-related solutions. Our success lies in establishing close and trustworthy relationships with our clients, using our language and cultural awareness, and pushing ourselves to grow and develop as professionals. As well as communicating directly with clients, you’ll have opportunities to get involved early in complex and challenging projects.


We help people move across borders, by making sure the tax complications of moving from country to country are taken care of. Every tax system is different. Every individual has different requirements as a result of their move. Our job is to interpret these and find the right solutions. We work with every type of client, from an entrepreneur looking to sell services in a new international market, to the largest multi-national clients with over 1,000 international assignees.

Our tax services cover every aspect of the move, from planning the tax implications and options available, to delivering technology solutions to track an individual’s movement across borders, to running payrolls and completing tax returns.This role is truly international, as you’ll help support your clients in any country where they need to move their people. We have an extensive overseas network and you’ll work with our member firms in these locations on a daily basis.

You’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in a particular sector (for example, financial services or technology) or in a particular area of our business (tax compliance, payroll, social security, technology etc).

At the focus of everything we do is the individual who travels. So, if you enjoy working with people and have a desire to help them solve the complex challenge of working and living in a new country, GES Mobility is the place for you.


At its heart, Reward is about supporting employers with setting pay arrangements for senior employees and managing the tax implications of all-employee pay and benefits.

There’s tremendous breadth to the work we do. To give you a flavour, it includes helping companies of all shapes and sizes design pay arrangements for executive directors, taking into account business strategy and corporate governance; it includes implementing and running employee share schemes across multiple jurisdictions; and determining the tax implications of providing particular benefits to employees. But there’s much, much more.

With ever-increasing media scrutiny of executive remuneration and tax morality, our support is vital to and highly valued by our clients. Our solutions are both technical and commercial, taking into account relationships with key stakeholders (be that HMRC on a tax issue, or shareholders on an executive compensation matter), and our client’s brand and reputation.

Payroll Services

Sat under Reward and a growing area within GES, we support all sizes and types of clients with their payroll needs, from strategy to delivery. You’ll have a very broad spectrum of fascinating projects to work on. These range from reviewing payroll operations for a European organisation, to a payroll implementation exercise for a multi-national, to delivering the payroll for the executives of a UK firm.

Indirect Tax

What we do

In short, we help companies to pay the correct amount of VAT, customs, global trade and other indirect taxes, whenever, wherever and however they do business.

As indirect tax impacts almost every business transaction, every pound our clients spend or make is an opportunity to help them achieve the right tax treatment, as well as drive forward their commercial aims. We’re also here to put things right when they go wrong, whether it’s supporting the mitigation of penalties, reclaiming overpaid VAT, or preventing a client’s goods being stopped at the border.

Clients also seek our advice before they launch a new product, set up a new service, or expand to a new country. And to help them navigate everything from Brexit to corporate reorganisations, to the latest big court case. Much of our work is rooted in law, which means researching legislation and case law, and relating it to clients, to find the most effective solutions for them.

Your career

Ours is a collaborative, developmental environment where you’ll build relationships, analyse problems and gain a deep knowledge of all aspects of your client’s business. This is about giving forward-looking, commercial advice, which has a real impact on their business. So, you’ll be interacting with clients from day one.

Everyone, at every level, in our practice is also encouraged to create and share innovative ideas, whether they’re tax technical, technological or smarter ways of working.


What we do

We support our clients by helping them understand the business and tax issues that surround their investments, which could include acquiring, disposing, restructuring or financing unlisted companies. This ensures our clients make informed, timely decisions.

Our team combines tax and commercial expertise, and works closely with other parties such as corporate finance advisors and lawyers, to ensure our clients successfully navigate complicated transactions.

Specific services we provide as part of these transactions include cross-border structuring, tax due diligence, providing tax input into financial models and legal documentation, and reporting to investors.

Your career

Our environment thrives by having a collaborative approach. As a team, we will work to develop your business acumen, as well as your relationship skills to help enable confident client interactions.

We are here to support you throughout your career at Deloitte and are dedicated to a distinct and inclusive culture. We encourage creative and innovative thinking and listen to new ideas, whether they are technical, technological or smarter ways of working.

You are our future and so we strive to provide you with as many situations as possible for you to grow and learn from.


What we do

At Deloitte ventures, we harness Deloitte’s deep heritage to challenge the old and influence what is yet to happen. We have a growing Ventures team of diverse skills to imagine, develop and take new ideas and concepts to the market, to solve our customer’s most complex challenges in a swift and radical way through the agility of a start-up.

Are you naturally curious about the future and staying ahead of the curve? At Deloitte, right across our business we offer many ways to explore the future of business with our clients, what we know for sure is that there is more than one possible future out there. Now, maybe the future of our business and our clients business is clear, and we definitely have services to offer in the market, but perhaps it’s not… and so what now? What happens next?

Today, really for the first time ever, through the access, speed and ingenuity of technology it’s possible to really explore these options. To go looking for our clients futures in many places, at once – and to do so in a sustainable, efficient and effective way. Here at Deloitte, we call that way Deloitte Ventures. No more risk of inaction, no more missed opportunities, no more lost futures. We believe there are many possible futures for our business and our clients, and we’re here to explore them all.

Your career

Within Ventures we have a number of capability areas that you will have the opportunity to experience across; idea generation and innovation (Ecosystem and Alliances, AI and Data Science, Portfolio Management), creativity and product design (Experience Design, Incubation, Business Shaping & Design) and completing the cycle to turn your ideas into products (Developers, Business Analysts, Product Managers) or new businesses that are then taken to market (Digital Sales, Digital Marketing, Change and Communications) to have a real life impact on clients.

From day one, you’ll work closely with clients - big and small - across all industries, and a community of practice across all our service lines in Deloitte. You will be working with a range of inspiring subject matter experts and bright and dedicated consultants. The culture is innovative, informal, highly collaborative and underpinned by a growth rather than fixed mind-set.

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