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Student opportunities in Tax Consulting

In Tax Consulting, you will provide clients with the support and advice they need to make key decisions on an international scale. We bring together a mix of commercial, industry and technical tax knowledge, creative thinking and innovative technology, to help solve some of the most complex business issues our clients face. In this an ever-more high-profile area, you’ll have the chance to understand how business, and your particular clients, really work.

Why work in Tax Consulting?

We’re creating a new model for delivering tax services in a digital era. Join our team and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a renowned training programme, in a firm that’s embracing how technology and the world around us are changing. In fact, we’re the only Professional Services firm to be listed in Fortune magazine’s prestigious 2018 Change the World list for our work to prepare clients and our people for the technological changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We aim to offer the best tax services in the market. Which means we need driven, analytical professionals, like you, who are willing to stay at the forefront of technology and the marketplace to create lasting impact for our clients. Our practice is growing; you’ll be part of a team that’s building world-class capabilities.

You will have client contact from the very start of your career. The area of Tax Consulting you join will determine the type of day-to-day work you do, but all our people use a combination of skills in serving their clients. You’ll gain deep insights into your clients’ industries, getting under the skin of their day-to-day operations not just their accounts.

An exciting career awaits, where you’ll learn every day and advise all kinds of organisations, from FTSE 100s to start-ups to private individuals, helping them solve some of the most complex issues their business is ever likely to face.


Explore your Options:

Business Tax

What we do

In Business Tax, it’s our job to help our clients understand and manage tax demands. We combine cutting-edge technology with trusted business and tax expertise to work with one of the most varied client bases in the market on every aspect of their tax affairs. Clients range from the biggest banks in the world, to the most popular celebrities, to the hottest technology companies in Silicon Valley.

We use a widening array of technologically driven solutions to deliver the best possible advice to our clients. For example, crowd sourcing and robotics. Automation means certain tasks, that used to take weeks, now take minutes. We recently worked with a crowd sourcing company based in San Francisco to understand how we could collaborate to deliver transfer-pricing projects more efficiently.

Your career

It is not all about filing tax returns. In fact, in many areas of Business Tax you won’t be doing that at all. From day one, you will work closely with clients – big and small – across all industries, on every aspect of their corporate tax affairs. You’ll help them be compliant in a rapidly evolving tax environment – helping make the most complex tax issues clear and understandable to senior stakeholders.

The broad spectrum of clients that we work with will provide you with the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. In the future, this experience should enable you to specialise in a favoured sector or field – this could range anywhere from energy and resources to the sports industry. Whichever route you take, you will be aligned to one of the following groups, which each require a passion and talent for solving complex challenges.

Tax Advisory

This team advises clients on tax issues that are integral to their everyday operations and year-end financials. You might advise a listed multi-national corporate on how best to structure their operations, guide a UK-headed company through implementing new UK legislation, or discussing with a Japanese-headed group how to best navigate through commercial challenges such as ‘Brexit’. There is a huge range of work and you’ll get the opportunity to own and lead lasting client relationship.

Private Client Services

We advise some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the world, from diverse backgrounds. They can be individuals with an international dimension to their affairs, leading entrepreneurs, private equity executives, or those of hereditary wealth.  What’s common to all our Private Clients is the complexity of their financial affairs, which can often span multiple jurisdictions. Our role is to help them navigate an increasingly complicated tax landscape, in the UK and beyond.  You may work with a dynamic entrepreneur, an ultra-high net worth individual relocating to the UK, or a family of established wealth, providing tax and commercial advice in the moments that matter to them.

Transfer Pricing

In this group, you will work with our most international clients, advising them on cross-border interactions between entities under common control.  On one day, you might work with a UK-listed business that wants to license its patented technology to a network of worldwide distributors; on another you might help a rapidly expanding, privately-owned fintech business to understand the tax implications of having its senior management spread across continents.  You’ll need to know your clients inside out and build an international network within Deloitte, from Spain to Singapore. You’ll also be working with many other stakeholders, such as HMRC.  Our team is truly diverse, made up of individuals with backgrounds in economics, law, politics, languages and beyond.

Financial Services

The Financial Services tax group is one of Deloitte’s most varied tax teams. You’ll work with clients across a number of geographies and sectors, in a team of people with specialist expertise From nimble fintech start-ups, to green energy funds and global institutional banks, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with clients that can last a career.

In our team, variety is key to your experience as an analyst. You’ll be empowered to explore client projects across a range of sectors, and we’ll support you to build your personal networks internally and externally along the way.

The services our clients provide have a direct impact on society, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with businesses as they develop their products for the future generation.

Deloitte Total Rewards & Benefits (DTRB)

What we do

Our pensions advisory business, (DTRB for short) helps clients navigate the ever-changing pensions landscape, and works with employers to ensure their employee benefits attract and retain staff.

Our multi-disciplinary team of actuaries, pension administrators, investment consultants and employee benefit specialists advise pension scheme trustees and employers on an array of pensions and other employee benefit issues. These range from designing new schemes, to helping close legacy schemes, and everything in between. For example, you could be involved in funding negotiations, providing support to a company purchasing another company, or ensuring pensioners are paid the right pension. You’ll have the opportunity in DTRB to develop your skills and to grow your career in the direction you want.

Your career

You’ll have the opportunity to work with clients from every sector, each with a unique situation that requires our advice. Our clients need us to be flexible and innovative in our solutions, and we firmly believe that good ideas come from any grade; you’ll be listened to from the very beginning of your career with DTRB. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with colleagues from across the UK, as our teams are often spread across multiple office locations.

We work across all facets of the pensions industry, so your career with DTRB can take you anywhere. Whether your preference is to be involved in M&As, pension scheme investments, employee benefits, funding negotiations, pension scheme administration, actuarial advice, risk mitigation, or a combination, you’ll find an expert team within DTRB, ready to support your career and our clients.

Global Employer Services (GES)

What we do

Our work in GES is all about people: whether that is how to move people around using international assignments, supporting businesses with the complexities of global immigration rules, developing arrangements to drive performance through incentives and broader reward or how to ensure compliance with employment tax regulations globally. Our GES professionals provide advice in nearly every aspect of what, how and where organisations pay people – whether this is for their domestic or international workforce or their most senior executives.

Your career

You’ll find that we’re constantly challenging ourselves to provide innovative and efficient solutions. This means you’re able, from an early stage in your career, to work on value-enhancing activities.

Our clients come from every sector and every location, and include fully-listed companies, private family-owned businesses, private equity-backed companies and public sector organisations – and our support is unique to each. This broad spectrum provides a wide-range of opportunities to work nationally with colleagues in other offices, in an agile way.


GES Mobility is a truly international practice which helps businesses move their people across international borders, ensuring the tax and social security complexities of moving from country to country are handled seamlessly. If you are passionate about working with people, enjoy embracing new technology that provide clients with an enhanced user experience and want to develop your consulting skills while helping clients solve the challenges of working and living in a new country - then this is a great opportunity for you.

You will have the opportunity to consult with multi-national house-hold name clients in terms of how they structure the future of their international mobility programs as well as with individuals/entrepreneurs traveling internationally, a real opportunity to make a positive difference in a dynamic international environment.

Japanese Mobility

Within our GES Mobility practice, we have a dedicated bilingual team that supports more than 200 Japanese companies. We help them with global mobility, tax, social security, immigration, and various other talent-related solutions. Our success lies in establishing close and trustworthy relationships with our clients, using our language and cultural awareness, and pushing ourselves to grow and develop as professionals. As well as communicating directly with clients, you’ll have opportunities to get involved early in complex and challenging projects.


Immigration is about so much more than work permits and visas!. You’ll help clients and individuals with their life changing decisions to move to new countries by ensuring the legal immigration complexities are simplified. You’ll focus on putting client experience centre stage, ensure compliant immigration programmes, partnering with HR, Legal and Global Mobility teams involved with moving people around the world and building technology solutions to help clients navigate the increasingly complex global talent landscape.

We also help companies wherever there’s an immigration angle. Which means you can support them with their talent strategy, with emergency situations, when they’re moving into a new market, or acquiring a company.

Working with our overseas network on a daily basis, you will deliver a best in class experience for our clients, using your knowledge and experience to find the right solutions. Whether you’re working with a high net worth individual relocating her family to a new country or a multi-national organisation with thousands of assignees in dozens of different countries.

Employment Tax

Helping employers to navigate vital and often critical issues and opportunities, the range of our work is vast – from facilitating access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to advising on organisational climate goals and helping employers to comply with changes to employment status rules.

You’ll be part of a team who work together, locally and nationally with employers ranging from FTSE 250 companies to the largest foreign owned multi-nationals.

Equity & Incentives Consulting

We partner with our clients to design, implement and operate forward-thinking incentive programmes which are aligned to our client’s strategy and designed to foster employee engagement, while also being cost-effective and compliant with global regulations.

You’ll gain deep technical knowledge and skills through your professional exams and by working alongside colleagues who have a background in tax, legal and accounting, enabling you to further your long-term career goals as an Equity & Incentives advisor.

Executive Compensation

We work with the Boards of many of the largest FTSE listed companies in the UK, as well as a number of private-owned entities such as private equity funds and financial services firms, devising pay arrangements for senior executives. Executive pay stories are rarely out of the press and therefore much of our work takes place in the media and political spotlight.

You will help advise clients regarding market and competitor practice, build an understanding of the regulatory and governance landscape, and support on the design of bonus and share incentives closely aligned to business strategy.  Whether a company is focused on profit growth, overseas expansion or reducing their carbon footprint, you’ll work in a team driving solutions on how compensation can be used to motivate executives towards these goals.

Tax Valuations

We help businesses understand the value that tax authorities place on business assets, and negotiate values for those assets. From valuing small blocks of shares to be acquired by employees of a private company to valuing multi-billion-pound businesses and intangible assets, you’ll be involved in all aspects of our engagement.

You’ll learn how to make judgments, build models and come to robust conclusions on valuation as well as learning how to write clear, concise and persuasive reports.

Payroll and Workforce Management

The workforce today is increasingly diverse, populations more mobile, and the worker is now the consumer. Our consultants integrate with our clients to deliver, transform and disrupt across their payroll and workforce management functions.

A career in our Payroll and Workforce Management team will provide you with a broad range of opportunities and the chance to develop expertise across the breadth of the business. This could include supporting the implementation of technology platforms in the payroll and workforce management arena; end-to-end management and delivery of payrolls in the UK and globally; and assisting clients with the use of automation, providing data insights, to operate market leading payroll and workforce management functions.

Indirect Tax

What we do

In short, we help companies to pay the correct amount of VAT, customs, global trade and other indirect taxes, whenever, wherever and however they do business.

As indirect tax impacts almost every business transaction, every pound our clients spend or make is an opportunity to help them achieve the right tax treatment, as well as drive forward their commercial aims. We’re also here to put things right when they go wrong, whether it’s supporting the mitigation of penalties, reclaiming overpaid VAT and customs duties, improving their existing processes, or preventing a client’s goods being stopped at the border.

Clients also seek our advice before they launch a new product, set up a new service, or expand to a new country, and to help them navigate everything from Brexit to corporate reorganisations, to the latest big court case. We are also at the forefront of leveraging technological solutions to address clients’ compliance requirements – be it digital filing requirements, or process transformation. While much of our work is rooted in law, which means researching legislation and case law, and relating it to clients, we also take holistic approach towards client engagements through our compliance and technology offerings in order to find the most effective solutions for them.

Your career

Ours is a collaborative, developmental environment where you’ll build relationships, analyse problems and gain a deep knowledge of all aspects of your client’s business. This is about giving forward-looking, commercial advice, which has a real impact on their business. So, you’ll be interacting with clients from day one.

Everyone, at every level, in our practice is also encouraged to create and share innovative ideas, whether they’re tax technical, technological or smarter ways of working.

Tax Management Consulting

What we do

In Tax Management Consulting (TMC), we help clients to understand and transform their processes, technology and resourcing models and, where appropriate, offer global outsourcing capabilities. This helps tax departments meet key objectives for quality and control, but at a cost and in a way that also creates value for their organisation.

We have a market-leading reputation in the UK and across Europe, and we are the largest integrated tax process and technology team of the Big 4. Given growing complexity in global tax regulations and advancements in technology, demand for our services is growing rapidly. Advising senior leadership across a myriad of industries and markets globally, we help businesses comply with their tax obligations in an efficient and timely manner. While also positioning tax as a strategic business advisor for the digital era.

Your career

You will work closely with clients to tackle the challenges of managing their tax affairs globally, including compliance, reporting and risk management, for direct and indirect taxes. You will help them modernise their tax function by automating tax processes, transforming operational models, identifying tax incentives, or outsourcing their compliance cycles. 

 We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. Which means you’ll have opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of projects and business scenarios and so develop your tax knowledge, compliance and strategy capabilities.

TMC Consulting

It’ll be your job to help our clients understand and manage increasingly complex tax demands. You’ll combine consulting skills in strategy, innovative new technology and process improvement, including building robots no less, to help our clients manage their business tax compliance, reporting and related obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible. This role goes beyond traditional tax work, you might help develop innovative tax apps or find yourself training and coaching the next generation of staff, or even running client workshops in our onsite immersive experience spaces.

TMC Technology

You will play a pivotal role advising on, developing and implementing software solutions to help our clients manage tax globally. You will also be at the forefront of the technology sector and using new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to innovate how we deliver maximum value to our clients.

Global Investment and Innovation Incentives – Gi3

The Gi3 team helps companies access funding opportunities relating to Research & Development, patents and, capital investment in real estate.

You’ll join a diverse team of tax and software specialists, surveyors, engineers and scientists working with companies from tech start-ups to multinationals. Working closely with your clients’ tax, innovation, and property teams you’ll help to ensure that the available tax reliefs are optimized.

You’ll gain an insight into the role of innovation in business success and the opportunity to support companies in their development activities.

Financial Investors (previously known as Transactions)

What we do

You’ll serve as a trusted advisor, helping our clients make intelligent commercial tax decisions on large scale mergers and acquisitions, advise on the design and operation of fund structures or support them in navigating global tax and information reporting requirements for investors and funds. We offer a platform for you to learn, develop and excel, all at the same time as having fun in a dynamic and diverse team.

Your career

Our environment thrives by having a collaborative approach. Teamwork is key to our success and together we will work to develop your business acumen, as well as your relationship skills to help enable confident client interactions.

We are here to support you throughout your career at Deloitte and are dedicated to creating a fun, diverse and inclusive culture. We encourage creative and innovative thinking and listen to new ideas, whether they are technical, technological or smarter ways of working.

You are our future and so we strive to provide you with as many situations as possible for you to grow and learn from.​


What we do

At Deloitte ventures, we harness Deloitte’s deep heritage to challenge the old and influence what is yet to happen. We have a growing Ventures team of diverse skills to imagine, develop and take new ideas and concepts to the market, to solve our customer’s most complex challenges in a swift and radical way through the agility of a start-up.

Are you naturally curious about the future and staying ahead of the curve? At Deloitte, right across our business we offer many ways to explore the future of business with our clients, what we know for sure is that there is more than one possible future out there. Now, maybe the future of our business and our clients' business is clear, and we definitely have services to offer in the market, but perhaps it’s not… and so what now? What happens next?

Today, really for the first time ever, through the access, speed and ingenuity of technology, it’s possible to really explore these options. To go looking for our clients futures in many places, at once – and to do so in a sustainable, efficient and effective way. Here at Deloitte, we call that way Deloitte Ventures. No more risk of inaction, no more missed opportunities, no more lost futures. We believe there are many possible futures for our business and our clients, and we’re here to explore them all.

Your career

Here you will have the opportunity to shape the way we design and deliver services for our clients. You’ll be working alongside a diverse team of specialists, including concept leads, data scientists, UX designers, developers and product managers, as well as tax, mindset, transformation, and growth experts.

Within Ventures, we have a number of capability areas where you can gain experience in market scanning, research and development, ideation, experience design, digital transformation, working with third party alliances and start-ups, as well as building and scaling cutting-edge digital tax assets.

You’ll enjoy a culture here that’s innovative, informal, highly collaborative and underpinned by a growth, rather than fixed, mindset.​

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