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Transaction Services – Post Merger integration

In Transaction Services – Post Merger Integration (TS-PMI) the team provides both due diligence and post deal advisory services across a range of areas (i.e., Integrations, separations, operations, performance improvement, and technology) on transactions. Which means you’ll be helping clients who are planning to buy, sell or take-over businesses to assist with the execution of the deal. These are often large global deals with high profile clients.

What work would you get involved in on a day to day basis in your team?

The first two years in PMI involve a rotational scheme where you spend time working on projects across, integrations and separation, M&A Technology and Value Creation Services (including Operational Due Diligence). On a day to day basis and depending on which business area, this would involve supporting the development of the integration/separation strategy, analysing data to support the development of due diligence reports and working with the team to build the practice.

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What learning and development opportunities are on offer to a student joining your service area?

Whilst working within TS-PMI you will study for your CIMA qualification. The department gives you study leave for all your college time as well as for your exams. 

For more on the job training there are multiple offerings. Within your first three years you will have had training in PMI, Intro to Operational Due Diligence, principles of Financial Advisory, Intro report writing, Intro to private equity and much more!

What differentiates your industry from other industries?

From the start you get to work directly with clients to help them deliver their M&A objectives. We work across a number of sectors and regions, there is also often the opportunity to travel if the project is cross-border. The PMI team is an industry leader as a result you get to learn from people with experience across multiple transactions and everyone is always happy to answer questions.

What type of projects could you work on in your team?

Graduates and BrightStart apprentices will work across a range of projects in different industries. Supporting the development of the integration strategy, developing Day 1 plans or analysing data to support a Due Diligence report.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities can you get involved in with your team?

There are a number of ongoing innovation and corporate responsibility projects, from getting involved in fund raisers, to coming up with ideas for how we can make our jobs more efficient.

PMI has a monthly social which you can also help organize, it always a great opportunity to network with the wider team and hear more about other projects across the firm.

Hear from our people

Mathieu Biehler

I was given the opportunity to join the PMI team as an intern while I was still studying for my technology degree in Paris. During my internship I worked on two major separations. I was surprised at how much I was able to contribute on the projects with very little M&A experience. From my first day I was treated as a full team member, my colleagues on my projects were very inclusive and took the time to explain concepts and pieces of work that were new to me. In the space of 3 months I had gained invaluable experience in project management and M&A in general.

As I got back to university after my Internship, I quickly realised that I wanted to go much further than the mere technical aspect of IT. Upon obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I have re-joined the PMI team full-time as a graduate with plans to further complete my “business” studies with a professional qualification in a couple of years. Since re-joining, I have been working on 2 large integrations and continue to gain professional experience every day.

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