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Our Strategy & Operations team enjoys an unrivalled position in the market, combining the scale and strength of a top four firm, with the cutting edge of a boutique. We help all kinds of organisations make the most important decisions our clients have to make: defining choices that will shape their ambitions and give them clear competitive advantages. Within this field we only hire the best.

Your professional experience

  • Provide clear, concise, well-informed perspectives on the important dynamics that are currently reshaping business environments
  • Help drive major operational change and resolve the most fundamental issues affecting businesses today
  • Provide strategic and tactical supply chain advice 
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Advise on how to simplify processes, reduce operating costs and improve service delivery
  • Help chief finance officers execute their financial strategies, meet objectives and transform the efficiency of financial processes

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Your focus

Whether you’re in our consulting team, advising on a specific sector, or working with our pure strategy experts, you’ll be one of the people who create the big ideas that help clients succeed. You’re likely to advise some of the largest organisations in the world. And will need to articulate your ingeniously effective solutions and valuable insights at the highest level.

Business Model Transformation
You’ll gain experience in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, helping major clients become more efficient and effective across the board.

As you’d expect this is all about the financial aspects of a company’s operation. Which means you’ll be involved in everything from financial analytics to capital and balance to regulatory reporting. Discover more

Pure strategy
Join Monitor Deloitte and you’ll become a strategy expert, advising on everything from pricing to digital strategy, performance improvement to growth. Read on

Service Operations
You’ll help businesses make major changes and improve their processes, looking at performance management, margins and customer service. Ultimately, this is about balance: finding smart ways to cut costs and maintain service levels. Delve deeper

Supply Chain
Every business relies on others to function. And managing the supply chain can be make or break. You’ll help launch new products and transform businesses with smart sourcing, manufacturing and commodity management solutions.

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Your training & development

You’ll get to work with and learn from some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. And benefit from an extensive training programme that’s unique to Deloitte.

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