Is there such a thing as a bad idea?

Or does it still add value by telling you what not to do? Is being a jack of all trades better than being a master of one? Does a fresh pair of eyes and a natural curiosity bring as much to the table as knowledge and experience? Want to find out? Come on in.

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What can you do in Strategy & Operations?

Our Strategy & Operations team enjoys an unrivalled position in the market: combining the scale and strength of a global professional services firm with the cutting edge nature of a boutique consultancy.
In this era of growing complexity and continuous change, business leaders must act with conviction, speed and knowledge. They need the sharpest insight, the best ideas, and the right support. From strategic idea generation through to delivery and measurement of value, you’ll help our clients make the most important decisions affecting their businesses; defining choices that shape their ambitions and keep them ahead of their competitors.

Career options

“Having the freedom to be in charge of my own career so early on is amazing.”
Mollie Mahoney
Business Operations
From concept to impactful implementation; we help bring our clients to life. Translating strategy into operational reality, you’ll support organisations through major operational change.

Discover how Business Operations fits within Deloitte

Delivery Centres
Both centres in Cardiff and Newcastle provide support to our client-facing employees, and their need to provide outstanding quality services. You’ll be hands on right from the beginning.

Discover how the Cardiff Delivery Centre fits within Deloitte

Enterprise, Technology & Performance
You’ll create solutions that deliver the absolute maximum return on investment for our clients, across key functions, from strategy articulation to process design to technology enablement.

Discover how Enterprise, Technology & Performance fits within Deloitte

Proposal Factory Pursuit Centre of Excellence
You will be exposed to a wide variety of information and bids from a range of industries supporting requests in a fast-paced environment.

Discover how Proposal Factory Pursuit Centre of Excellence fits within Deloitte

Strategy, Analytics and Mergers & Acquisitions
You’ll help our clients make intelligent decisions about how to consistently succeed in their fast changing markets. Partnering with board-level clients, you’ll architect data-driven programmes that transform and modernise their businesses.

Discover how Strategy, Analytics and Mergers & Acquisitions fits within Deloitte

Strategy & Operations is...

“In the eight months I’ve been here I’ve worked across the healthcare industry, education, life sciences, digital, consumer business (public and private sectors too).”
Felix Dinh

We work with every type of client – from innovative start-ups and niche businesses, to the largest global firms and public sector giants. No two projects are the same, so the opportunity to learn and develop is endless.

We work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic vision to flawless execution, helping them achieve tangible, long-term value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating mergers and acquisition opportunities to improving operations functions, you’ll develop the experience and expertise to help clients both build and deliver an executable strategy.

Maybe you’ve always been fascinated by human biology and genetics, or curious to know more about how the renewable energy market works. Maybe the future of transportation is more your thing. Because the industries and clients we work with are so diverse you have the opportunity and freedom to find a project that truly sparks your interest both personally and professionally.

“Choosing to work for Deloitte has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
Mollie Mahoney

Curious to always find a better way? Constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas? Then you’ll fit right in here. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Cutting-edge analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive technologies like machine reading and speech recognition – you name it, we use it, to help our clients solve some of their most challenging problems.

“The opportunities to gain work and life experience and travel are endless.”
Felix Dinh

Want to learn more about another part of the business? Be a mentor for a new joiner? Get involved in pitching for a new client? Organise an internal event? Support the delivery of a training course? It’s not all about your day to day job here. Far from it. We’re also involved with lots of charities and support the local and wider community in their projects. So go on, put your hand up. Get involved in whatever interests you. It’s all part of your learning experience.

What do our people say?

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“There’s nothing better than a workplace where you can have inspiring conversations with colleagues in an open, tolerant and positive environment.”

What do Strategy people do? And what do you enjoy most?

In simple terms, we provide advice to companies and organisations to make them more efficient and prepared, considering the economic climate we’re facing. BrightStarts are free to do projects in any of the areas we cover.

My team is working on a major piece of thought leadership that aims to help companies be more socially responsible. I’m excited, as this is my first chance to be able to contribute on such a hefty report, and I look forward to the date of its publication. Although I haven’t had much experience in business writing, it’s evident that the firm is prepared to give us joiners the chance to prove our mettle.

No two projects are the same; you’re never stuck with the same thing over and over again. The nature of this job provides you with flexibility and freedom on what you work on and who you work with.

How do your managers and the firm’s leadership inspire you?

They are down to earth and approachable. One of my most memorable experiences during induction was playing table tennis with Richard Hammell, the UK Lead Partner for S&O.

We are made to feel we can be ourselves here; the firm absolutely encourages it. In fact, that was the first thing that was reiterated during our induction. Deloitte does not want robots, people who are uniformly the same; Deloitte wants a diverse workforce for a diverse global economy.

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Consulting Finance
“Having the freedom to be in charge of my own career so early on is amazing.”

What do you love about your job?

Learning something new all the time, and knowing I can try something different if I’m not enjoying a particular area or project. Having the freedom to be in charge of my own career so early on is amazing.

I didn’t know what Strategy and Operations Consulting would entail before I joined, but I knew I wanted a challenge and the opportunity to continuously learn. I thought finance would be about working with spreadsheets and accounts all day, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There is so much extra training available and opportunities to grow and develop. I joined thinking that everyone would expect me to get everything right from day one – but I now understand that it’s really OK to make mistakes; it’s how quickly we learn from them that’s important.

Tell us about your team, what’s special about them?

They’re always willing to help and support me whenever I need it. Everyone respects each other and values the different skills we have between us. We learn from each other all the time.

I also really admire how my managers and the leadership in general (not just my team) treat everyone as people, not just resources. It’s about working together for the best outcome, for our clients of course, but also for all of us at Deloitte. I know that I’m a valued member of the firm and that really motivates me to work hard and enjoy it.

I love that I can be myself. I’ve probably become a better version of myself since I’ve been here as I’ve been able to develop my confidence and work on the feedback I get. It’s been pretty life-changing for me from that perspective.

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Business Operations
“If you want variety in your work, location, the people, the clients, then Deloitte is for you.”

How would you explain your job to someone who doesn’t work here?

I work with companies that are primarily in the Retail Banking or Insurance/Life & Pensions industries. I help these clients to solve complex challenges that either they do not have the capacity to do, or they do not have the capability or expertise to do. As I work in Operations, I deal with the structural issues and the inner workings of the business; that might be the client’s call centres or payment processing departments, for example.

Do you travel much for work?

I’ve had some great travel opportunities; I’ve been to Vienna, Toronto, Tokyo and Shanghai. My current project is based in London, although there are offices in Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh which we travel to from time to time. My first project was based in Bath, so I was there every day Monday to Thursday. I feel really privileged to have gained such great insight into how Deloitte operates in different parts of the world, as well as travel to places I otherwise wouldn’t have done.

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