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Not sure what you want from your career? Worried you’ll make the wrong decision? Take a step into the real world and find out more about a career at Deloitte.

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Our Summer Vacation Scheme

Designed for penultimate year undergraduates or those going on to complete a Masters, this three- to six-week placement will give you a true insight into what a career at Deloitte could mean for you. You’ll be doing real work from day one, helping solve complex client problems. Discover what excites and interests you. Impress us and you could end up with a permanent role here when you graduate.
"I love the diversity of projects, people and places we work. I love the opportunities I am given to shape the career I want."

Lauren Machray, Cyber
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What’s in it for you?

“I’ve been given the support I needed to push myself, which is part of what I love about working here.”
Rory Pelych, Business and Financial Advisory

What do we offer?

“There is a lot of diversity in experience and skills, I love that everyone has a different story.”
Hazel Ijomah, Business and Financial Advisory
  • Competitive salary
  • Real project experience and client exposure
  • A structured programme of learning
  • Potential place on our Graduate Programme
  • Opportunity to build your professional experience
  • Plenty of support including an allocated Champion and Buddy
  • Chance to be a Deloitte Brand Ambassador when you return to university
  • A great social life
  • Involvement with voluntary, pro-bono, and community projects

Who can join?

“You will learn so much here.”
Salil Gokhale, Technology

You can check whether you meet minimum requirements. Of course, you’ll need more than good grades to make the most of this opportunity. If you’re fascinated by business and can’t wait to get stuck in to complex projects, you’ll fit right in.

Where can you work?

We have a few locations that offer this programme. It is a great way to help you understand us, but more importantly help you with your career decision making.

Find out more about our locations and what’s it like to work across all our offices within the UK.

Where next?

If your placement goes well – and you like us – we could offer you a position on our Graduate Programme in the business area you’ve been working in.

If that doesn’t happen there and then, you can still apply in future. Whatever you choose to do, your placement experience will be an amazing foundation on which to build your career.

What do our people say?

“The size of Deloitte means there are a wide number of different projects to get involved with, abroad, on client site, and in Deloitte offices.”
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Human Capital

How did you end up at Deloitte?

At school, I gained some work experience in banking, but I decided I wanted to focus on a more mathematical career while studying pure maths at Cambridge.

Between my second and third years, I completed the six-week Summer Vacation Scheme at Deloitte. This internship appealed to me as it offered a rotation across different areas of actuarial work. The maths and research focus of the Capital Markets Group stood out, so I decided to join this team as a graduate.

As I had completed a Deloitte internship, I was fast-tracked to the final Partner interview and I received an offer the following morning. My internship gave me an advantage in the interview because I had spoken to a range of people in the team I was applying to, about their work and the most relevant skills I needed to perform well.

What learning and development opportunities have you had so far?

In my first year at Deloitte, I was given the task of developing a new interest rate model for Deloitte’s Economic Scenario Generator. This was a very steep learning curve, as I had no previous experience in this area. I had to get to grips with the old interest rate model, the maths and the code very quickly. Ultimately, I presented this new model to our clients across the UK and Switzerland.

I am currently studying to become an actuary. Examination topics include statistics, financial economics, business awareness, spreadsheet modelling and report writing. Upon qualification, I will become a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

I have been on a three-month secondment with a large UK insurer, which gave me an insight into the pressures that our insurance clients face from their regulators. I have also travelled to Basel and Milan to present to two European insurers.

“Doing the Summer Vacation Scheme really helped when it came to the interview process as I felt comfortable talking to Partners and confident that I knew a bit about the business.”
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Strategy & Operations

Tell us about your journey here

I did the Summer Vacation Scheme at Deloitte at the end of my second year at uni. I chose Deloitte because I wanted to have some variety to my work, and the opportunity to work in different locations with different people. I also wanted a job that used both my analytical and problem solving skills as well as my interpersonal skills. Doing the Summer Vacation Scheme really helped when it came to the interview process as I felt comfortable talking to Partners and confident that I knew a bit about the business. It also helped with the transition from studying to working – it gave me a safe environment to explore professional life.

Any worries before you joined?

My main concern was that people would expect me to know a lot about the client, the project and the work. But it wasn’t like that at all. As soon as I joined there was an excellent induction and training programme.

And once I started client work – which was pretty much straight away - I was given responsibilities but always had lots of support. I was also worried that the graduates would be competing for promotions and that wouldn’t make for a good working environment – but in reality that’s not the case as we all work in different business areas and are assessed based on our own performance and merits.

“I did the 2014 Summer Vacation Scheme (SVS) in Risk Advisory and haven’t looked back. I was fortunate enough to be offered a full time job after graduation.”
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Governance, Risk & Regulation

How did you end up at Deloitte?

I did the 2014 Summer Vacation Scheme (SVS) in Risk Advisory and haven’t looked back. I was fortunate enough to be offered a full time job after graduation. I joined Deloitte with a maths background so was nervous about my lack of business and economics knowledge. I soon found out that your previous education isn’t too important – all the training you need is given on the job. People in my team have backgrounds ranging from history to languages to chemistry.

How do you feel working here?

As an LGBT individual, I think it’s really important that you can be yourself at work. Deloitte genuinely champions diversity and encourages people to be open about who they are. There are so many networks within Deloitte that you can join – Hindu, Women’s, and LGBT to name just a few.

“I love working at Deloitte as I’m surrounded by amazing people and have so many opportunities.”
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Business & Financial Advisory

Tell us a bit about your background

After studying History and Spanish at UCL I got a place on the TeachFirst programme. For the two years of this training programme I taught History and Spanish at a challenging school in North London. It was the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. The things I learnt will stay with me for life.

I realised that TeachFirst had connections with Deloitte so I applied for a summer internship in Financial Advisory. During my two weeks here I met some amazing people and did a fascinating project on a festival company. It convinced me that Deloitte was where I needed to be so I applied for the graduate programme. Because I’d already done the internship I was fast-tracked to the Partner interview stage, and here I am.

What skills are you surprised you’ve needed in your job?

Relationship building is more important than I’d anticipated. If you can prove you are someone who works well in a team and connects with people you’ll do well.

Being a good listener has proved invaluable. It’s helped me learn as much as possible, also people appreciate when you take good notes at meetings.

I’ve also been surprised at how important it is to review my own work. My natural instinct is to ask for feedback as soon as I’ve completed something but I’ve realised there are often lots of things I can improve on by doing a thorough review myself. I proof-read everything and double check numbers on any tasks I do.

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