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Tax Analyst Development Programme

Joining Deloitte Tax Consulting as an Analyst enrols you on a 24 month Tax Analyst Development Programme that will give the training, development and support needed for you to develop into a successful Tax analyst.

Deloitte Tax Analyst Academy – Never stand still

Tax Academy

We believe that it is essential for you to receive the best possible start to your career. Therefore, for the first three weeks after joining you will attend our prestigious Tax Analyst Academy.

The Academy has been designed to provide you with the best possible introduction to Deloitte. We have designed the course to be intense, whilst also being enjoyable so that you can launch your career in Tax Consulting and prepare for life as an Analyst in the best possible way.

At the Academy we'll focus on a number of key areas including:

  • Understanding the world of business and the different industries that we operate in and why tax plays such an important role in it
  • Developing core consulting skills, such as client management, project planning, research, communications and team work
  • Learning tax technical intricacies of your chosen specialisation to enable you to deliver a distinctive service to our clients from day one
  • Building your Deloitte network with your new colleagues

The Academy will culminate in a client project simulation. This is a realistic simulation where you can apply and practice the skills you have learnt before doing the real thing. You will work in a team to produce high quality documents and practice presenting to a panel of ‘clients’ at the end of the Academy.

You will also get the chance to network with your new peers, meet the Tax Consulting Leadership team and a team of facilitators from Tax Consulting, whom will play a key role in coaching and mentoring you. Additionally you will participate in various team building social events.

At the end of the three week Academy, you will have the skills required to tackle your first client interactions together with a strong community of peers and Tax Consulting colleagues that will support you as your career progresses.

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Development Programme

The training and development at Deloitte does not end with the Academy, we will continue to invest in your development throughout your time as an Analyst, and beyond.

  • You will have access to a learning pathway that maps out the required and optional classroom training, online courses and additional learning resources to help you continuously develop.
  • You will be provided with an Analyst Checklist to guide your development. The Analyst Checklist outlines all of the core on-the-job experiences and activities you need to complete to ensure that you develop all the skills required to become a successful Consultant at the end of the 24 month programme.
  • You will attend check in events to check on progress. These events are also a networking opportunity to connect with your Analyst colleagues, share lessons learnt and plan for the next phase of the Analyst journey.
  • During your first two years you will embark on your professional qualifications training, which will vary depending on what part of the firm you join and you will learn more about this when you join Deloitte.
  • On the job training will also play a major part in your development to ensure you gain exposure to varied and challenging experiences and have access to a variety of people to learn from. You will also have continued support from your mentor.

You are our fresh thinking and the future of our business - investing in you is critical to our continued success as a practice. 

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