Life at Deloitte

Tom Douglas

Analyst, Enterprise Applications - Oracle

I joined Deloitte in September 2013 fresh out of University as part of the graduate programme. Previously, I had worked in a variety of jobs from cleaning pots in pub kitchens to driving tractors on farms! My knowledge of finance was limited to what I had learned through courses at university and other aspects of personal interest. I had never worked in an office before and had no experience working within the finance industry itself and was certainly apprehensive about starting. However as soon as I joined the Analyst Induction Programme, which consists of a 6 week training programme when you initially join, all my fears washed away. The training I received in the AIP was comprehensive, challenging and stimulating. It gave me a strong start and prepared me for the complex aspects of client work. Outside of work I am a keen sportsman and avid follower of Manchester United FC (sorry for my sins). In my time off I enjoy travelling and have been lucky enough to visit parts of Asia and South America. I also enjoy cooking and of course socialising with friends and family.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?
My day to day role is focused on meeting with clients working out what specific business requirements need to be met and facilitated within the system. Typically after these are understood, I would then move on to designing a solution in a dummy environment that would then be put forward to the testing team. During testing defects would be raised which allows for a fantastic opportunity to solve complex problems, broadening the knowledge of key finance processes. Once the solution is finalised there would be a cut over period and the system installed into the live environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my current role as it has allowed me to work on a project end to end seeing all the phases of the project and allowing me to work with a large company understanding how ideas from the design phase are realised within the end result.

What do you value about working for Deloitte?
Working for Deloitte has always been rewarding, working for such a well-recognised company and one that is a leader within its field allows its staff to be at the cutting edge of industry developments. I have valued my time here so far as I have been allowed the freedom to take on challenging aspects of client work, pushing forward my own ideas always knowing that the support safety net of highly experienced colleagues is readily available.

Working for Deloitte allows you to be in control of your own career. With such a vast network of the world’s largest and leading companies as its clients with experience across all industries you are able to gain valuable experience and insight into different clients and industry types.  This allows Deloitte employees to work with variety, identifying their strength and interests, working out what really motivates and excites them ultimately leading to a tailored career path.

One of the aspects of my own work that really excites me is the fact that working as part of the Deloitte Consultancy team means the work is never the same.  I face new challenges every day and am never stuck in the tedious 9 to 5 structure working in repetitive scenarios. I believe this is what really stands out when choosing a career with Deloitte with its only downside being trying to explain to your friends your job and always being asked – “So… what do you actually do!”

Why did you chose Deloitte?
For me working for Deloitte was an easy decision, it has an excellent graduate programme offering great experience and the opportunity to develop skills to someone joining from university. The fact that Deloitte works in so many different areas with a large variety of clients excited me as well. I knew that joining Deloitte would allow me to work with the world’s leading businesses, gaining valuable experience and learning key business skills. 

What do you like most about the office and region that you work in?
I am based at the Deloitte London office with the consulting office situated right in the heart of the city near Fleet Street and just a short walk from St Paul’s cathedral. I have always had a desire to work in London as this is at the centre of Britain’s financial industry and the economy as a whole. I enjoy working and living in London’s fast pace exciting environment and within a truly global and multicultural city with everything on its door step. I know friends within the firm that have had the opportunity to work in areas in Europe and North America (Brussels, Barcelona and New York to name a few) and I look forward to gaining similar opportunities – another exciting prospect of working with Deloitte!

What qualities do you think make a good Deloitte consultant?
I believe that enthusiasm is key to making a successful consultant with Deloitte. Working hard to solve problems for clients and their businesses, being focused on the task and enjoying the work you are doing. Being able to be flexible with work and logistics is important also as the work varies and projects can be situated in any location. All the people I have worked with within Deloitte have demonstrated positive can do attitudes and have always been approachable and friendly. As Deloitte bases its strength on its people you are lucky enough to work with smart, highly professional people who are easy to get along with and are a constant source of support – I have made some great friends through the firm!

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?
There is a strong opportunity to socialise within the firm, there are many clubs and activities organised that are open to all. The graduate programme has a social each first Friday of the month which allows you to catch up with your peers, share some project tips and generally have a good time. 

How do people at Deloitte support your career?
Deloitte provides an excellent support structure to guide people through their chosen career path. Each member of the firm is assigned an appraiser. This is a more senior firm member who works with you on your own personal development. They advise and challenge you, helping you make decisions and getting involved with areas that interest you. 

Describe working for Deloitte in 3 words
Challenging. Stimulating. Fun

What advice would you share to others considering a career in EA?
EA is a fantastic area within Deloitte to join; it allows you to develop strong technical skills combined with learning soft skills that help create a good consultant. The leadership team is excellent, focussed on developing EA and its people – there is an excellent source of experienced practitioners to help new joiners learn, grow and develop their own careers.

Be open to work with Financial Systems and don’t be fearful if you have little experience in this. It can be daunting at times but always know that there are people there to help and know exactly how you’re feeling. 

Each role and project is different, allowing you to learn key Finance processes and working within the heart of the financial system exposes you to the heart of the business and its people!

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