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An event to welcome the first cohort of students at Ada College

In May 2016, the Women in Tech network hosted the first cohort of students who will be starting at Ada, National College for Digital Skills in September. Over 50 students and their parents joined us for an evening at the Deloitte office in Clerkenwell to provide interactive insights into the world of technology.

Ada National College for Digital Skills is a new further education college in North London offering Sixth Form (16 years old and over) and Foundation Degree Apprenticeships in Digital Innovation. Students will learn a wide range of academic and technical skills that will prepare them for work in the digital industry.

Our event was the first time the new students were brought together with their parents and teachers, and was an exciting opportunity for them to get to know each other. Students and parents took part in a range of demos from Deloitte practitioners, including:

  • Analytics insights demo
  • A smart foosball table, demonstrating the power of the IoT via a connection to Adobe
  • Virtual reality 
  • An insight into the fast paced world of a Deloitte’s BrightStarts
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