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Why technology at Deloitte?

Why work in technology?

Technology is intertwined with the working and personal lives of the majority of the world's population.  Is there a product or a service you can think of that doesn’t involve technology, either in its creation or its delivery?

We help our clients to transform their businesses. Technology is often core to enabling this transformation and there has never been a better time to work in the fastest growing industry in the world.  A technology career is one that is varied and exciting with a variety of possible roles spanning much further than the traditional perceptions of ‘IT’. 

Business analysis, data analytics, technology strategy, engineering, digital strategy and user experience design, product development, project and stakeholder management, cyber security and solution testing are just some of the roles on offer which are pivotal to helping our clients.

We have a wide range of female practitioners from a variety of backgrounds who have thrived whilst undertaking the diverse opportunities provided by working in technology.

Why technology at Deloitte?

The variety and challenge of working on exciting and innovative projects is just one of the reasons cited by our people for working in technology roles at Deloitte.  To support your professional development, Deloitte will provide you with opportunities to learn new skills and enhance your existing ones.  We will get to know you and understand your interests, technical skills and industry experience to ensure we offer the right training to help you grow.

Even if you have no prior technology experience but possess the passion, Deloitte will support you with all the necessary training. 

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