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Deloitte’s Women in Tech Day

Members of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network in the UK virtually joined their counterparts in the US for the 7th Annual Women in Technology Day. The event brought together senior Deloitte leaders and clients to discuss their experiences and to support network members in their growth as successful technologists, teammates, and leaders.

The theme of the day was Intelligence Cubed, focusing on three types of intelligence:

Technical intelligence:

  • How to increase technical breadth and make sure you get recognised for it
  • How to build networks of people with specialist knowledge to support you

Personal intelligence:

  • How to bring your “authentic” self to work and improve relationships in this way
  • How to bring strengths from one’s personal life to the job
  • Ensuring you know how others may respond to your authentic self 
  • Ensuring others understand who you are

Emotional intelligence:

  • Commitment to support each other (as Women in Tech)
  • Growing and developing your individual brand
  • Mobilising teams through emotions

Some of the top advice from leaders relayed on the day included:

  • Be confident
  • Be less risk adverse in growing your career and utilise the resources/people around you to support you in this endeavour
  • Approach every task, no matter how unimportant it may seem, with enthusiasm as it will make people want to work with you
  • Realise that life is not organised but that you can rely on your network to support you
  • Be sure to constantly invest in yourself (pause and reflect frequently)
  • Think about women you admire and how they handle themselves
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