Life at Deloitte

Alice Doyne


I help clients align their IT to their business goals and improve their IT services

What did you study?



What do you do at Deloitte Technology Consulting?

I sit in Deloitte’s Technology Strategy and Architecture practice, specialising in IT Strategy and Service Management.

Strategy projects are intense, interesting projects, where we help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and their teams align their IT strategy to their organisation’s wider business goals. This involves interviews with key people in the business from CIO to head of strategy, setting up workshops with all the senior leadership to find out what they are hoping to achieve and understand the challenges involved, as well as using Deloitte tools to show clients what their strategy and project pipeline look like.

I also deliver Service Management projects, where we work with IT departments to deliver services to their customers (i.e. the business) more efficiently and effectively. On my current project, I am working with a client who are implementing a new tool to understand how their IT teams are going to support the business once the tool is implemented– from identifying the best teams to provide support to drawing technical process diagrams.


Why did you choose a career in Technology?

When I left university, I went to work in Medical Education. This was an area I’d worked in throughout my vacations, and as I hadn’t quite decided what career path I wanted to take, I went back to it at the end of my degree. I found that the parts of my job that I really enjoyed were those where I improved how we did things – often simply by computerising the systems involved.

I was looking for a new role to really challenge myself and had been looking into Consulting. When I heard about Technology consulting, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

It was a big career change, but the training and support at Deloitte have been pivotal in making it a really rewarding experience.


What would you say to someone considering a career in Technology?

The diversity of our Technology practice makes us better at what we do; so having people from all backgrounds (including non-technical ones) really makes a difference to the quality of the work we can deliver to our clients. And that’s when it gets really interesting!

Technology is an exciting, fast changing sector to work in, and it’s fantastic to work with clients to understand how technology can make their organisation better and better!

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