Life at Deloitte

Angela Mitchell

Partner – Business Analysis

I bring together great teams with the right mix of skills to help our clients.

What did you study?

Laser Physics and Optoelectronics, then a Masters in Business Information Systems.


What do you do at Deloitte Technology Consulting?

I lead our Local Public Services business, working with clients in Local & Regional Government, Health, Policing and Education.

These organisations have the challenge of delivering improved services to citizens at the same time as dealing with reducing budgets. In some areas like health and social care the demand is spiralling as our population lives longer.

Technology is a large part of the answer to changing how they work in order to meet these challenges. But its only by also understanding their business that we can support public sector organisations develop their strategies, define requirements and successfully deliver new models of working and better services.

In short, I help clients define their future and guide them in their journey to get there; bringing together great teams with the right mix of skills who work hand in hand with the client to deliver their programmes.


Why did you choose a career in Technology?

I loved science at school and studies physics at uni but I decided I wanted a career which was more ‘real-world’.  Technology allowed me to combine the analytical with business which I found fascinating. This was 20 years ago when IT was still a relatively up and coming area.  But that has continued to be the case to this day as developments in technology and its application mean its still a growth area.

Technology has allowed me to develop my career in lots of different ways .  While I started  as a coder  I’m now operating at executive level , developing business strategy and advising on the implementation of some of the trickiest programmes in the public sector.

I like the fact that the work I do ultimately has an impact on people’s lives by enabling better public services.


What would you say to someone considering a career in Technology?

Its exciting and challenging – and the pace of change just keeps increasing which means the possibilities for the future are limitless. What other career can offer that?

I chose a career in Technology as I love the combination of business and science. There are always new developments in the market and our challenge is to find ways in which we can help our clients exploit them to deliver better services.

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