Life at Deloitte

Fiona Hyndman

Analyst, Developer - Technology Consulting – Deloitte Digital

What do you like most about your role?

I love that I have the opportunity to learn new skills with a range of new cutting edge technologies. The amount of training and support available to me as a first year analyst is outstanding. I work in teams with a great mixture of skills and experience and I have not stopped learning since the day I have joined.


What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis at Deloitte?

I work in a development team, programming and coding day to day creating cool new software applications for clients. I take part in a daily scrum where I plan with the team what everyone is doing daily and were issues are raised. We work in two week sprints and at the end of our two weeks of work we have a team retrospective to talk about what we have done well this sprint and what we could do better during our next two weeks of work. I am also part of planning sessions with business analysts and testers, where we sit down and plan the work we are going to complete and acceptance criteria is explained, which is provided by the product owners.


Why do you think Deloitte is a good place for women to work?

Everyone here is treated equal and the opportunities are endless. The Woman In Technology network is a great way to not only build your personal network within the firm, but also to get involved in all kinds of new and exciting projects and events happening across the regional offices.


How have you found it being a woman working in technology?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time within Technology consulting to date. I have taken part in and attended a number of Women In Technology events, where I have felt welcome and very much supported by the talented women in the firm. I have made some great friends and been given the opportunity to work on some very exciting pieces of work.


How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte have a well structured plan for all new analysts in the firm, giving me a real opportunity to try a range of new things and learn a lot about consulting and technology. Furthermore, my appraiser and mentors are available to support me 24/7 and help guide me in the direction I want to go in terms of my career.

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