Life at Deloitte

Frida Jonsdottir


I help IT organisations define their future state and advise them on how to get there.

What did you study?

Economics and Finance


What do you do at Deloitte Technology Consulting?

It depends! I’ve been involved in lots of different projects since I started, in all sectors. Lately I’ve mainly been focused on Target Operating Model and IT Financial Management work in the Financial Services sector. The two differ in a lot of aspects, but fundamentally I help my clients identify where their IT organisation stands today and where they would like to be in the future, and help them define what they need to do to get there and guide them through that journey.

From mapping my client processes to supporting the selection of the right technology to help drive improvements, I’m always part of a team of people with different backgrounds and a common goal: to help our IT clients achieve their goals.

I do a lot outside of client work as well. Amongst other things, I help shape our IT Financial Management Proposition for potential clients, and organise lots of social events for my area, as well as taking an active part in both training and mentoring our new Analysts who join the firm.


Why did you choose a career in Technology?

I joined Deloitte straight out of university and I had actually applied to a different department. The Deloitte recruitment team suggested that I might be a better fit within out fast-growing Technology division. Coming from a non-technical background, I had no idea why! As I’ve learned more about the job, have to say that I am extremely pleased to work in Technology as it’s such an exciting and growing field.

With today’s rapid technology innovations, organisations are moving much more towards being heavily tech-focused and tech-reliant, which makes Technology Consulting a really interesting sector to work in, even if you have no technical background!


What would you say to someone considering a career in Technology?

Don’t be scared of the word ‘technology’.

It’s not all about servers, coding and complex algorithms. It’s also about people! It’s about the business and the customer, strategy and innovation. It’s about everything you find in an organisation – the technical and the non-technical.

Don’t be scared of the word ‘technology’. It’s not all about servers, coding and complex algorithms. It’s also about people!

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