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Jasmine Hicks


I help our clients ensure that their data is secure

What did you study?



What do you do at Deloitte Technology Consulting?

Most of my day is spend on client site helping them assess their Information Security practices and advising them on how they make sure all their data is secured.

I work with a number of project managers and every task is different, meaning that there is always something new and exciting to be working on.

While a large part of role is client facing, there is often a number of internal projects for Deloitte which I get involved with. One of these is managing the weekly emails to the team to keep them up to date on what is going on in the industry and also within the firm.

I am also involved with Graduate recruitment, sharing my enthusiasm for Cyber with the graduate market.


Why did you choose a career in Technology?

After university I joined Deloitte’s Security team interested more in Physical Security than Cyber Security. I ended up in technology by chance when our team moved across to Consulting and became more technology focused. This wasn’t a bad thing and in the end has opened up the opportunity to work in a sector that I’m more interested in and with more exciting projects.

Technology allows you to work in all sorts of organisations across different industries so that you get a lot of exposure to different types of clients, each with their own challenges.

Do I see myself staying in a technology career now I have ended up there? The answer is yes.


What would you say to someone considering a career in Technology?

Technology is constantly changing and developing and will your role in order to align to the latest developments in the industry. If you’re interested in a diverse career, technology could be the right choice for you.

Also, did you know that the split of our Technology Graduates is 50/50 between male and female?

Technology is constantly changing and developing. If you’re interested in a diverse career, technology could be the right choice for you.

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