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Nidki Kalra

Manager - Consulting Finance

Your role

I am a Manager in our Consulting Finance team based in London. I joined Deloitte in 2011 and I'm MBA in Finance and CIMA qualified.


Department/service line/industry

Finance - FS/ Consulting/ Financial Service


What do you like most about your role?

Our clients present a variety of problems in front of us. What I love about my role is that it consistently challenges me to design simplified solutions for my stakeholders in a complex and ever changing environment.


What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis at Deloitte?

There is no standard day in my role.  It can be anything from conducting all day workshops, holding brainstorming sessions with Deloitte or client teams, travelling to various client locations or coaching junior team members.  It is a mixed bag and no two days are same, but this keeps me on my toes all the time.


Why do you think Deloitte is a good place for women to work?

Deloitte has a very strong women support network.  Whether you are looking for a role model, a mentor or just a friend, you will find someone to talk to and guide you all the time.  I have worked with many inspirational women leaders here, who I look up to whenever I need advice – whether it is for work related matters or something personal.


How have you found it being a woman working in technology?

Women technology practitioners bring a fresh perspective and passion to both the firm and the project teams.  I have always felt that my contribution and creativity has been appreciated and valued by my teams and the firm.


How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte has supported me to drive my career in the direction I wanted to take it, from encouraging me to pursue the CIMA qualification, finding international project experience, industry secondments or developing my technical skills in the subject I want to excel in.  It has given me opportunities and experiences that have helped shape by career direction.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking about working in technology?

When designing client solutions, always put yourself in their shoes, think about whom is this solution for and how can it help them.  

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