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Who are Deloitte’s C&I people?

We are everyone. We come in all shapes and sizes, and from every kind of background. Just one thing connects us: our attitude. We are curious, imaginative, open-minded. From our leaders to our interns, we’re all here to make a positive impact for our clients and society, as well as build successful careers for ourselves. Want to meet some of us? Read our stories here.

Clients & Industries Strategy

Jim Bloomfield, Director, Consumer & Industrial Products Industry

How does my role make an impact that matters with Deloitte?
We are one of the leading professional services companies in the world. Our size, breadth and depth of expertise is hard to match. Our role is to join up the different parts of the firm and make sure Deloitte speaks to our clients on the issues that matter with one voice.

Jim is based in our Leeds office. Read Jim’s story.

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Clients & Industries Strategy

Judith Ackerman, Clients & Industries Strategy Lead for Scotland & Northern Ireland

My biggest accomplishment
I think I'm most proud of how I have developed other people whom I have worked with over the years and seen them go on to do great things. I had a terrific line manager about 15 years ago and that experience taught me about the positive impact you can make in that role. I want to do that as well.

Judith is based in the Edinburgh office and enjoys being involved with the Micro Tyco Challenge. Read Judith's story.

Client Relationship Development

Shirley Wilson, Transition Accelerator Manager

What I’m most proud of at Deloitte
Having the courage to say “I can do that”. I’ve enjoyed a lot of different roles over the last eighteen years and that is down to me being brave enough to step outside my comfort zone and take the opportunities when they appeared. You do not have to leave Deloitte to do something new and different.

Shirley is based in our Birmingham office. Read Shirley’s story.

Deloitte’s innovative talent strategies and commitment to investing in its people are among the many factors that supports the organization’s ongoing ranking on the Fortunr list.


Melissa Lucas, Operations Manager

What do my team and I do?
We’ve been through a lot of change recently and our role is to help embed the new strategy and structure across Clients & Industries. We are effectively connecting the dots across the department; providing the leadership team with new and improved tools and techniques to manage their resources, budgets and mitigate risk across the business in a more streamlined way.

Melissa has returned to work from maternity leave and is based in our London office. Read Melissa’s story.

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