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Deloitte and the Mencap Trust Company

Our working relationship

Mencap Trust Company

Mencap Trust Company Limited  is a trust company which administers discretionary trust funds for people with a learning disability. Mencap Trust Company has been operating since 1976 and currently actively manages around 200 discretionary trusts for people with a learning disability, and has over 600 trust deeds awaiting activation. Mencap Trust Company is a subsidiary company of Royal Mencap Society.

The partnership

The relationship between Deloitte and Mencap Trust Compan began in 1997. Since then, Deloitte has provided tax services to  Mencap Trust Company to contribute to the quality and caring service Mencap Trust Company provides to its trusts. Specifically, Deloitte ensures that the trust tax returns are filed with HMRC each year, handles inheritance tax charges as they arise and provides assistance with other tax-related matters as required. The collaboration with Deloitte ensures Mencap Trust Company provide a reliable tax service to the trustees and allows Mencap Trust Company staff to focus more on serving the beneficiaries and their families.

The future

The future is bright for Mencap Trust Company and Deloitte - more trusts are becoming active and more families are seeing the value of Mencap Trust Company’s service and setting up new trusts for their loved ones.

“With an organisation such as Deloitte undertaking The Mencap Trust Company’s tax calculations and returns, I know we have an expert partner we can rely on. This leaves me and my colleagues free to focus the Trust Company’s efforts on each individual beneficiary, and ensure the trust is used it to its best effect.” 
Julie Schwarz Director, Mencap Trust Company

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