2021 Global Contact Center Survey


2021 Global Contact Center Survey

Five trends that Contact Centre leaders are adopting

Developed in response to a rapidly evolving contact center landscape, this survey is designed to help understand what’s next in the contact center space across strategy, customer experience, and operational/technical capabilities.

Today’s consumers continue to raise the bar on what they expect at every step along the customer journey—and in response, companies are adopting strategies to deliver an improved experience. Corporate contact centers are a key touchpoint where businesses can build strong connections, earn trust, and create loyalty. Now that customer experience is a priority, contact center executives are investing in new technologies to improve access, increase personalization, and simplify interactions. Anywhere, anytime access via a variety of channels is a reality—and contact centers must deliver a consistent omni-channel experience to excel. In Deloitte’s fourth edition of the Global Contact Center Survey, contact center leaders share their perspectives on meeting today’s challenges and how their businesses will evolve in the years ahead.

An ever-increasing focus on elevating the human experience and continuing adoption of new technologies will drive the evolution of contact centers over the next two years. Contact center executives are investing in new services as they focus on ways to improve customer relationships through trust, ease of interaction, and personalization. Emerging capabilities, such as AI, machine learning, and cloud, shape new business models designed for efficiency, improved accessibility, and deeper understanding of customers. These same technologies can enable a skilled workforce to deliver personalized, human experiences to customers.

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