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The wise man built his house upon the cloud

Beggars case study

The challenge

Beggars Group is a collection of independent record labels, responsible for some of the most recognisable names in the industry, including Adele, Radiohead and Jamie xx, and one that is attracting an ever-expanding roster of artists. Both the UK and US-based labels have servicing entities to manage their procurement, distribution and finance functions, however both use separate systems and business processes.

Beggars’ challenge was one borne of its own success, as is often the case with companies that experience periods of significant organic growth; the company grows but its systems do not, leading to bottlenecks, backlogs, and unnecessarily arduous, time-consuming manual processes for employees. In addition, processing the varying reporting standards of distributors and digital service providers presented its own challenge, as did the process of allocating miniscule amounts from digital and streaming plays to the right artists and producers. A key characteristic of the challenge facing Beggars was in gaining the ability to not only align internal process globally, but to also respond to the ever-changing dynamics of the music industry.

Given Deloitte’s position as a leader in providing enterprise architecture solutions and our previous successes in the music industry, Deloitte was brought in to help identify a solution for the client’s ailing IT architecture.

Our insight

Cloud was identified as the technology that could help catapult Beggars’ enterprise architecture into an age worthy of its market status.
As part of its initial review, Deloitte delivered a solution architecture design that was tailored to that of Beggars complex business process, which covered manufacturing, procurement and worldwide physical and digital sales.

A significant feature of the recommendation was a new, cloud-based finance system for both the UK and US businesses, which would align the processes of the subsidiaries under the Group. As such, Deloitte and NetSuite combined to demonstrate the capacity and potential of NetSuite’s ERP offering, to great effect.

Additionally, Beggars has also adopted a number of other recommended cloud platforms such as MuleSoft, which is serving as both a single-point of entry for all stock movements and sales information, and as an integration tool to link the various catalogue, finance, web store and royalties systems. Moreover, Amazon Web Services was also successfully adopted, with Beggars utilising the platform to build its master data warehouse and sales matching function, representing a strong success for the cloud architecture advisory service delivered.

The impact

Beggars Group has adopted many of the architecture solutions proposed by Deloitte, crucially taking advantage of our partnership with NetSuite in implementing its back-office ERP.

The key role played by Deloitte was in guiding the client through the various possible cloud solutions and illustrating the benefits that cloud could bring to Beggars’ enterprise architecture.

Alongside NetSuite, Deloitte played a fundamental role in configuring NetSuite to cater to all of the business requirements identified through the process, developing testing and training schedules for users, shaping data migration strategies from legacy systems to NetSuite and supporting Beggars through go-live.

In addition, Deloitte’s contribution in analysing and documenting the various reporting standards for Beggars’ sales function was critical in their development of a sales ingestion flow, that greatly reduced the manual effort needed to comprehend and process the monthly reports received from its customers across the globe.

The power of cloud computing is in its agility and its capacity, not only to improve existing processes but to provide a stable and sustainable growth platform for any business. Our work at Beggars Group is yet another example of Deloitte’s capability in not just advising, but also in delivering first-of-its-kind solutions that continue to help drive our clients towards greater successes.

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