Cloud Contact Centre / Inside Sales

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, over half of our clients had not yet made plans to move their contact centre or inside sales team into the cloud or to implement homeworking. Now almost all of them have a proportion of their employees working from home, facilitated by cloud technology. Cloud technologies are changing the way clients look at contact centre or sales technology build and run. Quicker deployment of out of the box capabilities and easier integration with an ecosystem of capabilities drives quicker time to value, while ongoing maintenance and upgrades become significantly easier. As organisations become more comfortable with the security implications and the vastly improved reliability of these solutions, we see this as the predominant technology in the future.

What’s new?

  • Newer players in the contact centre world, such as Amazon and Google, are helping drive renewed interest in the data the contact centre generates and what organisations are able to do with it.
  • The ecosystem of capability that these new players can access is also helping the traditional leaders in the marketplace to bring some of their core capabilities to the fore, enhancing their traditional strengths in areas such as intelligent routing and operational management information.
  • Workforce management is changing too, with homeworking leading to broken up working patterns and ‘micro-shifts’ and bots enabling an easier interface for advisors to bid for their shifts. The most powerful tools on the market integrate via APIs, picking up and using contact centre data to improve availability and wait times.

How we can help

  • Deloitte is a leader in cloud-enabled customer service or sales transformation. We have strong relationships and alliances with all of the major organisations in this field and have our own consulting, engineering and run capability to support you in your journey to the cloud. We can help you work through aligning the technology with the experience you want to deliver for your customers, delivering the change and embedding new ways of working into your organisation as the support model for the new technology changes.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

Multi-national hotel chain UK Bank
We replaced the client’s ageing on-premise solution with Amazon Connect, delivering multi-channel contact, self-service and integration with their CRM, achieving a 30% reduction in handle time and improving customer satisfaction. We recently delivered the design of a new cloud contact centre technology solution for a UK bank, working with their team to define the architecture and technology design and delivering the processes and operating model change needed to support the new technology.
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