Contact Centre Transformation

Optimising the sales and service experience with best-in-class automation, self-service, human interactions and analytics

Recent developments in technology have helped some organisations in the private, financial and public sectors create smart, omni-channel contact centre experiences for their customers that have had tangibly positive impacts on their success and what their customers think about them. Leaders in the market, such as Amazon in retail and some of the challenger banks have invested in flexible, adaptable sales and service organisations, supported by modern, cloud-based technology which has allowed them to grow at pace and react to market changes (or shocks like the Covid 19 crisis).

We have worked with many of the leaders and fast-followers in the adoption of these new ways of working and the creation of frictionless, omni-channel ‘store fronts’ that give access to products and services in the most convenient and cost-effective ways for the businesses and their customers. These new ways of working include:

  • ‘Digital first’ approaches where mobile apps, on-line and social channels become the norm for even some of the really complex customer service challenges
  • Seamless, omni-channel service offerings, with choice and convenience for the customer provided by an ever-evolving, self-optimising operating model and fully-integrated technology and information
  • Personalising the customer experience with well-timed and targeted proactive contact, a tailored market-of-one treatment in the contact centre and a deep understanding of lifetime value, loyalty and sentiment
  • Building new end-to-end services from self-service, needs assessment, innovative ID&V methods, prompting and knowledge management, resolution and follow-up
  • Optimising the contact centre workforce, improving demand forecasting and colleague scheduling, cross-skilling and shaping contact centre career models
  • Building-in flexibility through outsource or crowdsource partnerships
  • Improving the colleague experience – making inside sales or customer service roles in the contact centre more varied, better supported (often by AI) and requiring a higher skill level now that most simple interactions are taken care of by automated channels