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Delivering the first ever multi-channel B2C prospect management solution for Virgin Media

Project overview

Virgin Media is the first provider of quad play in the UK: the company’s cable network offers ultrafast broadband to around half of all UK homes, also delivering TiVo TV services and fixed line telephony. Virgin Media also offers mobile phone services to complete the quad play bundle.

Extensive research into customers’ purchasing journeys revealed that the opportunity period for prospect conversion, when their search is at its most active, is short, highly competitive and increasingly accesses a number of sales channels with an expectation of a seamless journey across all channels.

With these insights in mind, Virgin Media recognised the need to move to an omni-channel approach to sales, and to move away from a culture that fostered competition between channels. Inbound calls, historically the primary sales channel, had declined over time, highlighting the necessity to increase the conversion rate of opportunities by improving collaboration across channels.

Working as a combined team with Virgin Media, Deloitte delivered Prospect Management, the first-ever truly multi-channel B2C solution, which provides a single view of the prospect and their interactions with Virgin Media to over 2,000 sales agents.

The Deloitte team introduced Agile methodology to the Virgin Media project to rapidly develop and implement a solution that seamlessly combines channels and sales agents in the shared endeavour of migrating prospects towards sales, reducing leakage and supporting a unified and coherent brand proposition.

The resulting solution is now the single source of millions of marketing interactions per month and many thousands of daily prospect interactions for over 16 million premises, across all six sales channels. For Virgin Media’s prospects, the solution has replaced a fragmented journey with a coherent, unified brand experience. Instead of restarting conversations with sales agents, prospects can go to the channel (or channels) of their choice, and be served by Virgin Media agents who have an instant understanding of their journey so far. Sales conversations are quicker and easier, building engagement and supporting positive buying decisions.

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This project has just won the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards in the Customer Engagement category.

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