Delivering the Digital Contact Centre

In a paper developed for their regular Customer Service Leaders’ Forum, Deloitte explores the impact of digital channel uptake on the role of contact centres, drawing from case studies, industry research and viewpoints from working with our clients.

Compared to automated digital channels, contact centres can be expensive to run, can sometimes deliver a less consistent service and may not generate as much positive customer sentiment as expected. As digital uptake accelerates, what future does the contact centre have?

Four key areas for digital contact centre evolution

We believe there is a strong future for the contact centre in the post-digital world. The report looks at four key areas where the contact centre should evolve in the digital age.

We have successfully applied this thinking to customer contact centres, whether in-house or outsourced, whether in-country, multi-country or globally structured.

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Delivering the Digital Contact Centre

Delivering the digital experience

Aside from continuing to service those who ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’ engage via digital, the contact centre has a key role to play in delivering the digital experience. This includes delivering service over interactive digital channels as well as encouraging digital adoption and picking up the pieces where digital self service has failed.

Owning the customer across the omni-channel experience

Developing your contact centre to support digital channels is an essential first step in the journey to redefining the contact centre’s role in customer service; however, the contact centre should be playing a more strategic role in the customer experience.

Exploiting omni-channel information

As more transactional enquiries move into self-service channels, contact centre advisors have the opportunity to provide a different type of service. To truly exploit this changed role, however, organisations need to empower contact centre advisors by giving them access to the huge volumes of information captured to tailor responses and offer the most appropriate insight for each customer.

Leveraging a new breed of contact centre advisor

With increasing emphasis on resolving complex issues and providing insights on customer needs, there is a need for a new type of contact centre advisor.

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Delivering the digital contact centre


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