Delivering the Human Experience in a Digital World

This report considers how the lines between products and services and sales and service capabilities are becoming blurred and how human interaction is increasingly targeted at delivering value

Over the last twenty years, the way in which customers buy products and receive service from organisations has been transformed as new digital technologies have emerged, enabling better access to self-service for customers, better insight into customer behaviour for the organisation, and improved efficiencies for sales and service teams. What has changed less over this period, however, is the type of work performed by sales and service teams and the role they play in the customer journey. We believe that this is now changing, and at an accelerating rate. We believe that advances in technology and societal change are creating an environment of increasing tension between the continuing business drive towards automation and self service, and customers’ demand for longer term, and more genuine, ‘human’ engagement with the organisations they buy from. The challenge is as acute for organisations who both sell and service other business customers as it is for consumer-serving businesses.

We believe there are three fundamental shifts driving change in the way we interact with customers:

1. The service is becoming the product
2. Digital is a customer necessity; human engagement is for when it really matters
3. Our relationship with the organisation is changing

Our latest publication ‘Delivering the Human Experience in a Digital World’ considers how these factors impact the Future of Sales and Service.

The Future of Sales and Service
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