Deloitte Transcend for Government fuels Oracle Cloud transformation

Gain efficiencies and insight with an ERP and HCM solution tailored for Government powered by Oracle Cloud

This end-to-end cloud transformation offering is tailored for government and can deliver business value continuously on one platform, on time, and on budget. Transcend for Government is a standardised ERP & HCM Cloud offering, underpinned by Deloitte global transformation methodology, and powered by Oracle Cloud and accelerators.

Public Sector Challenges

When it comes to Cloud transformation in the public sector, we understand the challenges that organisations will typically encounter. We have a strong track record supporting the Government and wider across public sector organisations with all elements of transformation programmes, as well as first hand experience and insights into the Government shared service strategy, standards and design.

The Deloitte flagship offering called Transcend for Government, can enable organisations to deliver their Cloud transformation programme – efficiently, within budget, while also successfully delivering the viable business benefits that Cloud promises.

What is Transcend for Government?

Transcend for Government is an integrated ERP/HCM offering on Oracle Cloud that we can roll out across government departments. Made up of more than 200 assets, it’s all you need for end-to-end Cloud transformation, including up front assets supporting business case development and readiness through to implementation accelerators to better deliver process and design, and finally ready-made solutions, tools and templates that are tailored specifically for Government.

Our user-centric approach follows the three fundamental tenets:

  1. Principles - the heart of the offering and key to adopt
  2. Key success areas - areas that drive success in transformation
  3. Assets & accelerators - items developed to maximise efficiency

Key differentiators:

  1. Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM Solution – aligned with the Civil service design for Finance and HR
  2. Catalogue of Process flow/user stories - tailored for Government
  3. Fully configured ‘Government’ Cloud environment (ERP/HCM + Analytics)
  4. Government design decisions – with Gold/Silver/Bronze recommendations
  5. Business case and cloud readiness tools for Government
  6. Digital transition labs – immersive workshops to prepare for Cloud
  7. Ready made Business change and governance models tailored for Government Cloud programmes

Transcend for Government

A standardised ERP & HCM Cloud offering with 200 accelerators

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Client benefits:

An end-to-end Cloud transformation offering

Transcend for Government is not just a technical upgrade to Oracle Cloud. Our assets cover all phases of a transformation programme journey, from business case support and governance, to solution design and processes, business change all the way through to analytics and innovation. Our expertise in service delivery, innovation in future of work, and assets to help drive business change will help you achieve a user-friendly end to end transformation, as well as a technology upgrade.

Positioned to enable better standardisation across Government

Transcend for Government takes the Global HR and Finance design a step further. We recognise there is a balance to successfully deliver Cloud across multiple organisations and needs, into one consolidated solution. Our solution design endeavours to standardise the implementation of key processes and solution design, while at the same time providing design recommendations that can address the unique needs within individual organisations where required.

Insights and ‘what good looks like’

Transcend for Government provides a catalogue of over 200+ Government specific assets across multiple phases of a programme, and stretching across all workstreams in an Oracle cloud programme. This provides organisations with the relevant information and insights, points of view, and options which in turn allows them to make more informed decision making based no our experience and also ‘what good looks like.

Delivers at pace

Our government-specific solutions and ready-made tools and assets/accelerators allow us to spend more time focusing on your unique needs, service delivery, business change and adoption. So, this means you can transform quicker.

Promises Continuous Innovation

Innovation does not stop there because our assets evolve continuously. As part of our next phase, we are expanding our focus on Intelligent Automation (RPA/AI) and Oracle Digital Assistants, focussing on high impact, cross-technology solutions aimed at driving end-to-end process

Why Deloitte

Successful Cloud transformation is not just about implementing technology. It is also about helping people learn and adapt to change, which needs a combination of capabilities, such as a strategy for HR and Finance Service delivery models, employee engagement, and a commitment to drive behavioural and cultural shifts. It also needs a deep understanding of the sector and expertise in technology – Oracle Cloud, RPA and Intelligent Automation.

Although we deliver all the above, the ultimate indicator of a successful transformation is how well employees embrace the change. At Deloitte, we keep the human experience at the heart of all our solutions, so we not only help you implement an Oracle cloud solution, but we help you embrace a new way of working too.

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