Digital Disruption Index

Understanding talent, technology and transformation

Organisations face major disruption to their markets, customers and workforce. Deloitte has developed the Digital Disruption Index to help remove the hype around technology investment and also help senior executives uncover digital skills gaps. Over time the findings will create a detailed picture of the impact of digital across the largest and most influential UK companies and public sector bodies.

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Insights from our research

No one doubts the importance of digital. It is now pervasive in all forms of organisational transformation. However, few senior executives believe they have sufficient plans in place to exploit digital technologies and ways of working. According to our survey’s findings strategies are not coherent, investment levels are modest and the relevant skills are in short supply.

Digital strategies lack coherence
Forty-two per cent of our survey respondents do not believe they have a coherent digital strategy in place. Digital cannot just be left to the CDO or CIO to deliver and cannot focus on the customer experience.

Digital budgets are modest
Investment in digital technologies is modest compared with overall IT budgets. Existing investment has largely focused on improving the customer experience rather than the back office and supply chain.

Digital skills are in short supply
Even the most digitally mature organisations face significant challenges in recruiting and retaining the skills needed to deliver their digital strategies. L&D curriculums do not deliver the required support and survey respondents do not believe school leavers have the right mix of digital skills.

How are leading UK companies delivering their strategy for digital technologies and ways of working?

How and where are the leading UK companies investing in digital technologies and ways of working?

What is the expected impact of Artificial Intelligence on the size and makeup of the typical UK company?

Research methodology

Deloitte invited leaders from the UK’s most influential companies and public sector bodies to participate in an online survey. This combined with Deloitte’s existing insights has created a detailed picture of the impact of digital across the UK economy on subjects such as:

Digital strategy – to understand digital business models and if digital strategies are fit for purpose

Digital technology – to determine which technologies are being implemented and the associated cost

Digital skills to measure the digital capability of organisations and track the creation of ‘jobs of the future’

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