Digital Disruption Index

New thought leadership on the impact of digital technologies and ways of working

Organisations face major disruption to their markets, customers and workforce. Deloitte has developed the Digital Disruption Index to help CXOs understand the impact of digital on their organisations including investment in disruptive technologies, emerging digital business models, recruiting and retaining digital skills and the future of work.

Research methodology

Deloitte invited leaders from the UK’s most influential companies and public sector bodies to participate in an online survey. This combined with Deloitte’s existing insights has created a detailed picture of the impact of digital across the UK economy on subjects such as:

Digital strategy to understand digital business models and if digital strategies are fit for purpose

Digital technology – to determine which technologies are being implemented and the associated cost

Digital skills to measure the digital capability of organisations and track the creation of ‘jobs of the future’

The Digital Disruption Index will be published in September 2017. In the meantime, below are some initial findings based on sample data.

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Insights from our research

Example insights from the Digital Disruption Index include:

  • Which technologies have already seen investment or will be invested in over the next three years
  • Which disruptive technologies are easiest to implement
  • If new relationships with non-traditional partners and suppliers have been established to deliver an organisation’s digital strategy
  • The expected impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the size and makeup of an organisation’s workforce
  • The extent that an organisation’s talent pool has sufficient knowledge and capabilities to execute their digital strategy
  • Who owns the digital strategy and how central digital is to both an organisation’s broader business strategy and their innovation strategy
  • The most important skills and roles for the successful delivery of an organisation’s strategy for digital technology and ways of working

How are leading UK companies delivering their strategy for digital technologies and ways of working?

How and where are the leading UK companies investing in digital technologies and ways of working?

Which digital technologies do UK companies believe are the cheapest and easiest to implement?

Does C-suite ownership of digital help or hinder adoption of digital technologies and ways of working?

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