Experience Selling

Five steps to transform the B2B Experience

Written shortly before the world went into lockdown, this report is still as relevant today as it was then. The research behind this report identified companies that were growing three times faster than some of their peers while spending considerably less on sales.

These leading businesses achieve this by delivering tailored interactions and customised offerings, by offering simple buying journeys and self-service options and, ultimately, by solving customer problems. The report lays out 5 key steps to reimagine interactions with the customer and operate differently, led by data and analytics.

Increasingly, B2B Buyers are being influenced by their experiences and expectations outside of work and they are valuing experiences over products and solutions. Likewise, today’s revenue leader must also design and execute with the experience of the sales person and the channel partner in mind.

This report gives an insight into the mindset of leading B2B sales organisations.

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