The Deloitte Public Sector Data Series

In partnership with techUK and three leading CDOs, we explore the fundamental issues.

Data driven decision-making can drive better, citizen-centric public services. But what prevents public sector organisations from harnessing the power of their data?

In three episodes, the Deloitte Public Sector Data Series in partnership with TechUK, will explore data in the public sector. The series will cover its economic value; the issue of data sharing and the skills and capabilities needed to make best use of data. In each episode a public sector data leader, who is also a member of Public Sector Data Leaders Forum, share their experience and insights.

  • Davin Crowley-Sweet, National Highways
  • Aimee Reed, Metropolitan Police
  • Ming Tang, NHS England and NHS Improvement

You can access the podcasts below.

Episode 1:

Aimee Reed, Director of Data and Digital at the Metropolitan Police, discusses cross-government data sharing. She shares her view on why sharing matters, the benefits it could deliver, the barriers and what government could do to accelerate it.

Find episode 1 here

Episode 2:

Ming Tang, Chief Data and Analytics Officer with NHS England and NHS Improvement, looks at data skills, and how a co-operative model could help build and share data and analytics capability across the public sector.

Find episode 2 here

Episode 3:

Davin Crowley-Sweet, Chief Data Officer at National Highways, explores how to quantify the economic value of public sector data and shares his experience of conducting a comprehensive study on the data estate at the transport organisation.

Find episode 3 here

Data Leaders Forum

The Public Sector Data Leaders Forum is designed to empower senior public sector leaders to pursue joint solutions for common data and analytics-related challenges.

The Forum members from public services organisations own and lead the Forum with the support of Deloitte facilitates and provides tools, knowledge sharing, market intelligence, and a platform to access and publish to a global network of peers.

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