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Strategic transformation of health and social care in Greater Manchester

Change Management in the Public Sector

The Greater Manchester (GM) ambition is to be a financially self-sustaining city region, with the size, assets, skilled population and political, and economic influence to rival any global city. However:

  • Health outcomes are amongst the worst in the country
  • Services are not financially sustainable and some are inefficient
  • Service experience and outcomes can be significantly improved. 

On 1 April 2016, GM took charge of its £6 billion health and social care budget in the first devolution deal in England and was allocated a £450m transformation fund to be spent over five years. The deal covers 37 health and care organisations across ten localities. Pre 1 April 2016, Deloitte were one of a small number of organisations that supported the Devolution Board and the Shadow Partnership Board in developing their plans and in ensuring that they were ready to take delegated responsibility from 1 April. In Deloitte’s case this included supporting the Board:

  • Development of the original devolution business case; and 
  • The shaping the programme structure.

From 1 April 2016, GM has had a Chief Officer and full team in place, and Deloitte has taken on important pieces of commissioned work to support their overarching transformation journey, including:

  • Cost-benefit analysis and business-case support for localities; 
  • A framework for the reform of commissioning across Greater Manchester; and
  • Implementation support to help individual localities deliver change.

Pre 1 April 2016, Deloitte’s supported the emerging Partnership to establishing its vision and providing the case that helped secure £450m of transformation funding from NHS England. Its expertise in health and social care has informed coherent planning across a large and complex partnership, supported improved collaboration and facilitated structural changes that are already transforming the delivery of care to 2.8 million people.

Post 1 April 2016, the big health improvements will take time to come through, but Deloitte’s important work has been instrumental in supporting the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to reform the system allowing it to provide a better service to citizens, including helping to set the direction of travel, distribute the transformation fund to meaningful programmes, and beginning to make service change happen.

MCA Awards

The ‘Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’ project has been highly commended for the Management Consultancies Association’s 2018 Awards in the Change Management in the Public Sector category.

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