Life at Deloitte

Hannah Lewsley

Manager,Digital Strategy

Repositioning clients for a digital economy

Hannah is a Manager in Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice. As a founding member of this team, Hannah has played a central role in the definition of its key propositions and in recruiting and training a team of 26.

Her work focuses on helping businesses of all types to re-position for growth in a digital economy. To achieve this, Hannah helped to develop a new form of strategy consulting that uses the principles of lean start-up to drive digital and cultural transformations. This approach provides clients with the structure and support to make small, value-focused investments in digital in order to prove a wider business case. The benefits of this approach include increasing speed to market, modelling how to embrace uncertainty and reducing risks around investments.

“In the digital economy, businesses are faced with a plethora of choices about how to invest for growth and an abundance of information about those choices. However, without clear focus on the drivers of value for shareholders, they risk those investments being wasted on strategies that look great, but which have little lasting impact.

I became convinced that there was a new engagement model for advisors. Not only do we need to ensure our clients retain that value-focus, but we also need to deliver programmes that will allow our clients to embrace the uncertainty inherent in a digital world. We have a critical role to playing in reducing risk around strategic moves and demonstrating new business models rather than simply discussing them.”

Hannah has been ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Young Consultant of the Year’ category of the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards.​ 

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