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Laurence Collins

Partner, HR Advisory

Unlocking the potential of human capital through analytics

Laurence is a Partner in Deloitte’s Human Capital consulting practice where he focuses on HR transformation and analytics, including HR vision and strategy, econometrics and value creation, performance optimisation, operating model design, shared services, cloud system design and implementation, workforce planning and predictive workforce analytics.


In the last five years, Laurence has used advanced analytics to address two key challenges: how to maximise workforce value and how to make HR more impactful.

Leading HR transformations at a number of global blue-chip clients, he has developed a powerful analytics-driven methodology that unlocks the potential of human capital to drive business performance improvement and which puts HR at the heart of value creation. His transformation methodology enables clients to:

  • identify the root causes of HR inefficiency and ineffectiveness
  • engage stakeholders in the rationale for change and accurately quantify the impact of new capability
  • model the outcomes of new capabilities to reach an improved HR operating model
  • link HR delivery to workforce contribution
  • monitor workforce contribution to business value creation.

“Improving HR means both using analytics to design stronger operating models and embedding analytics capability within the new models. I design and deliver integrated transformation programmes that allow clients to benefit from all the traditional advantages of improved efficiency, stronger shared services and global technology platforms, but which also equip them with the ability to demonstrate and monitor the link between the value of their function and the enhanced performance of their organisations.”

Recent results of this analytics methodology have included:

  • Generating significant additional store revenues for a large Retailer by using analytics to optimise resourcing processes
  • Identifying a wastage factor of 32% across a Consumer Business client’s global HR operating model and accurately simulated how this could be most effectively reduced as part of solution design
  • Isolating the factors of employee engagement that had the greatest propensity to increase sales and accurately predicted amount of increased revenue 
  • Accurately predicting which service centre KPI’s were most likely to be failed and prompt the best course of action to mitigate.
HR transformation:

During engagements that typically last 18-24 months, Laurence has led teams in delivering numerous transformational advances for clients’ HR functions, including:

  • the ability to link every aspect of the new HR operating model to levels of benefit realisation
  • true visibility into the HR function and broader workforce capacity, costs, capability and quality 
  • enhanced configuration of cloud technologies to support specific process requirements that underpin improved workforce performance
  • mission control capability to ensure HR performance levels remain within required tolerances
  • pin-pointed skill development and support programmes for HR colleagues adopting new ways of working
  • the ability to demonstrate the Return on Investment from HR processes.

Laurence has been named ‘Human Resources Consultant of the Year’ in the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards.

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