Empowering future talent to succeed in the consulting industry

With an entrepreneurial spark, Kajol always knew she wanted to work in technology and created her first jewellery e-commerce website at the age of 11. Fuelled by wanting to make a positive impact on society using technology but frustrated by being unable to scale her ideas alone, she embarked on a career at Deloitte. 

Today, she is an experienced Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s retail practice, supporting many of the UK’s top retailers to reinvent themselves in the face of disruption, transforming their customer experiences for the future. 

Despite her busy schedule, Kajol remains grounded in her values and devotes her free time to inspiring others to succeed in their careers. She has a particular focus on empowering women to thrive in male-dominated corporate environments. Over the last 8 months, she has: 

  • Built a consulting community with 10,000+ active subscribers on YouTube and Instagram 
  • Mentored 200+ students, providing free 1-1 conversations to help them understand if consulting is the right fit for them 
  • Held more than 20 webinars for over 2,000 aspiring consultants to demystify consulting and offer recruitment advice
  • Advised as a Board Member to two social mobility organisations, helping students from underprivileged backgrounds pursue corporate careers 
  • Joined the ‘Now You’re Talking’ Network Leadership team, championing career development for female millennials 

Kajol is driving the talent agenda across the consulting industry, passionately focussed on influencing cultural change, attracting the brightest diverse talent into the industry.

She’s not only a star within Deloitte, she has also recently been recognised as one the UK’s most influential female role models by winning the 2020 TechWomen100 Awards.