Making a change in the North – our people

In the North of England, our people think, create, innovate, make, and transform. Sustainable development, growth and positive community impact underpin the Deloitte culture and conduct.

Our passion is helping organisations transform and develop in to better, bolder, and more impactful societal contributors.

Most importantly, we have fun sharing our diverse perspectives and unique insights. Our team is everything to us because collaboration breeds innovation. Our clients, partners, staff, and stakeholders are all focused on making an impact that matters.

Meet some of the people who are currently leading Consulting in the North, and exploring the newest ideas in collaboration with local businesses and communities:

Richard Bray
Partner, Government and Public Services

Richard leads our Consulting team in the North of England. He’s passionate about building amazing teams that influence the communities and businesses around them.

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Eric Applewhite
Director, Analytics

Driven by a desire to make an impact, Eric analyses data with the aim of constructively transforming organisations in the North of England.

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Thomas Graham
Director, Government and Public Services

Thomas is passionate about helping public sector organisations to transform and improve the services they deliver to citizens, with a particular focus on organisations with a regulatory remit or that focus on education.

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Palwinder Kaur
Director, Government and Public Services

Palwinder cares about enabling regional growth. As part of her role and mission, she’s committed to making a stronger connection between skills, training, and business needs.

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Rosina Murdoch
Director, Government and Public Services

Rosina gets extremely excited about working out the best way to help teams and people excel during transformations. She mainly works with public sector teams to help them achieve their goals and get the most out of their amazing workforce.

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Steve Offord-Woolley
Director, Digital Delivery

Steve’s goal is to build an inclusive, digital business, reflecting our local communities and delivering impactful work.

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Emma Franklin
Director, Government and Public Services

Emma’s passion is for working with local government and health organisations to design and enable citizen-centric systems for the future.

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