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Rachael Holtzberg

Strategy Consultant of the Year

Rachael is a senior manager in Monitor Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice. She is passionate about helping companies in traditional businesses to create and capture new sources of value and uses her energy and authenticity to excite clients about the potential to change the way they do business. Rachael believes in making strategy consulting more real, shortening the time to see results and getting quickly into the market to test the assumptions that underpin strategic choices.

Using her experience from innovation and growth consulting, Rachael created the Deloitte GrowthLabs proposition: an approach for helping corporates turn their strategic choices into actionable businesses and propositions. This is now a tool that Deloitte uses to help move its clients into the digital era, ensuring that their strategies step off the paper and lead quickly to executable ventures.

Rachael’s approach blends deep strategic capability with practicality. Her clients are often impressed with her pragmatism and responsiveness when addressing complex problems and she has been known to build a prototype in a day to provide evidence in addressing a major strategic unknown. Rachael runs a weekly GrowthLabs working group to encourage her colleagues to bring innovation and lean start up techniques into their work.

Rachael is relentlessly focused on creating new value, and treats every client challenge as if it were her own business. She has a contagious passion for consulting, and insists on having fun every day, saying, ‘the best days are the ones when we laugh the most.’

Rachael has been named the winner of the Management Consultancies Association’s 2018 Awards Strategy Consultant of the Year category. 

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