Re-imagining people analytics to make sense of the new world of work

Deloitte provides a forward thinking and disruptive viewpoint at the People Analytics World Conference

April 2017

The latest in human capital research reports seismic changes in the world of business, the economy and wider society. These forces for change are being driven by the unprecedented rate of advancement in technology, which is already changing the context for the workforce, the workplace and the world of work. A new way of thinking is needed to thrive and survive in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 presenting a key challenge for HR and People Analytics


The number one challenge organisations are facing today is how to incorporate new methods and ways of working presented by the future of work, whilst remaining profitable, competitive and sustainable.

What does this mean for HR and people analytics?
People analytics has a fantastic opportunity to make a fundamental impact in how HR can drive decisions and to contribute real business value. The days of HR and talent centric exercises in insight exploration are being consigned to a new wave of maturity in this market. This is defined by the convergence of digital capability, enterprise datasets, and redefined models of business performance.

Working out the impacts, mitigations and control mechanisms needed to thrive in the industrial revolution 4.0 is fast becoming the preoccupation of strategic HR professionals, and is being delivered in partnership with their People Analytics teams.

Despite this, being ready to embrace this new dimension of people analytics is presenting several challenges.

How can we respond to this challenge
Deloitte perceive this to be the most significant shift in the world of work of this generation. So much so, we have been testing our new approach using our own business and future aspirations.

This has provided us with both an objective and personal perspective on where we see the future direction of workforce insights going and how we can embrace the future of work with a structured and informed approach.

Looking ahead

Making sense of the future of work is presenting a number of challenges but also a number of opportunities. The more progressive HR functions are already disrupting themselves and their organisations in response to this.

The challenge will be how quickly HR can re-invent itself as a controlling force to lead, advise and ultimately guide the business on where disruption will occur next and how best to integrate it into business as usual.

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