Sales and Service Transformation

Better customer experience with less cost  

Technology, social and market change are combining to drive changes in the way organisations run their sales and service teams, with cloud and digital technologies transforming the customer experience and the experience of the people who deliver it as well as signifcantly reducing costs. We believe the key to unlocking benefit for both the customer and the organisation lies in taking a holistic approach to change across four dimensions:

Customer experience and strategy

Service design sits at the heart of the transformations we deliver. Without it organisations are often left with a solution looking for a problem. We use the customer and employee journey as the key lense through which we identify change opportunities, whether they are technology, people or organisation focussed. We are able to use our advanced analytics capability alongside this to validate, prioritise and discover further opportunity and turn the target customer experience into service and sales strategies supported by a clear business case.

Operating model design

Understanding how to organise to deliver your target experience is becoming more complex in an environment where people and AI are increasingly working together. Our operating model design method starts by understanding the capabilities you need to deliver the experience, assessing them against our maturity framework and agreeing the level of capability you want to achieve. We can then work collaboratively with you to design the right structure, minimising business silos and hand-offs and picking the right sourcing and locations and including regulatory control by design.


We provide selection, design, build and run services for the technology that supports the customer and the sales and service teams. Our solution architecture services help define the right mix of best of breed technologies, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Amazon Connect to deliver your target experience and capabilities. We then have one of the UK’s best established Digital and Technology practices and can build and integrate solutions, including CRM and omni-channel contact as well as the cloud infrastructure to support it.

People and culture

Having the right structure and technology is nothing without the empowered, motivated people who deliver the key ‘moments that matter’ in the customer experience, whether sales or service. We’ve worked with clients across sectors to understand the impact of change on their people, define and embed the right behaviours, culture and leadership and align rewards and incentives to underpin them.

Industry analysts consistently rate us as the pre-eminent firm for customer experience and customer relationship management consulting and we work with many of the leading business to business and business to consumer organisations, transforming the way they interact with their customers.

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