See finance transformation through the cloud

November 2015

This video series is the culmination of a number of interviews: offering Deloitte, partner vendors and client perspectives on the various stages of the cloud journey. We focus on our partnership with SAP and in particular the various cloud solutions and rapid deployment that we offer as an alliance.


SAP’s Cloud applications offer broad, rich and proven functionality across finance and business processes. Combined with HANA, SAP’s in memory database, customers are able to run whole ERP suites on the cloud while processing more information and faster than ever before. 

Deloitte and SAP have worked together for more than two decades helping clients to plan and implement ERP solutions that drive real business value. This episode of ‘See finance transformation through the cloud’ focuses on SAP’s comprehensive cloud ERP offering and how together we are delivering real business value in the cloud.

Through our global alliance with SAP, we have implemented SAP cloud applications for some of the UK’s biggest companies using our heritage in Finance practices and processes.

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Our expert says…

“The cloud architecture is the first significant change to business systems architecture since the move to client server over twenty years ago. This fundamental regeneration provides an opportunity with business applications to radically change operating models, advance workforce enablement and significantly reduce operating costs.”

Keith Blair, Deloitte UK SAP Lead Partner

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To learn more about SAP’s Cloud offerings, please read the article on the Deloitte website and if you have any questions get in touch with our Enterprise Applications team.

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