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See finance transformation through the cloud

October 2015

The ‘See finance transformation through the Cloud’ video series is the culmination of a number of interviews: offering Deloitte, partner vendor and client perspectives on the various stages of the cloud journey. We showcase a sample of both our own and our joint success stories in implementing cloud applications and ERPs. Highlighting the support throughout the entire cloud journey: from successfully selecting the right cloud service for an organisation; to the implementation and subsequent cloud care offered.


Both new and existing clients need support and guidance to navigate through the cloud journey. As more organisations look to the cloud, the third episode of ‘See finance transformation through the cloud’; has our Deloitte practitioners and partner vendors discussing recent success stories to inspire other enterprises to make the move.

Cloud computing is increasingly gaining momentum as businesses across all industries are looking to take advantage of web-based IT services. The average enterprise in the UK has saved £316k by migrating to cloud-based services, according to a study of 1,300 cloud-enabled businesses conducted by Rackspace. With a number of enterprises adopting two tier ERP deployment approaches, allowing for an integrated cloud and legacy system landscape and taking advantage of rapid deployment cloud services in subsidiaries’ or business units that are most suitable.

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Our expert says…

‘The power of cloud computing is in its agility and its capacity to provide a stable and sustainable growth platform for any business. Deloitte’s capability is not just advisory, but also delivery in leading cloud solutions. With strong partnership’s and internal capability we help drive our clients towards greater successes.’ 

Rob Cullen, Lead Partner, Enterprise Applications

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