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Sumner Makin

Senior Manager, Strategy

Commercial innovation in the retail sector

Sumner is a Senior Manager in the Monitor Deloitte strategy practice and leads Deloitte UK’s Strategic Retail Analytics proposition. He has built a next-generation business which combines the best from strategy and advanced analytics to deliver results for retailers of all sizes.

Sumner specialises in using advanced analytics to both define and implement commercial strategy, delivering significant, tangible benefits to retailers in record times, and then systematising the approach which has enabled his team members to take the approach to many other clients internationally.

“A client-centred approach is even more important to achieving the best outcome than our highly sophisticated analytics. For example, my team and I have created a series of mutually-supporting merchandising analytics tools which efficiently generate recommendations based on historic data. I worked closely with clients at all levels to ensure that our tools continuously incorporate merchandisers’ feedback and expertise into the outputs. As a result, our tools’ recommendations take account of unpredicted changes or trends - essential in such a fast-paced industry”. I have found that this inclusive approach also greatly accelerates client’s acceptance of the changes resulting from new strategies; indeed, one client sponsor described it as the “best implementation in our history ”.


Innovation and entrepreneurship are central to Sumner’s work; for example, Sumner has been named ‘Strategy Consultant of the Year’ at the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards.

He also won first prize in Deloitte’s CEO Challenge innovation competition - out of 436 entries - for the novel Fashion Intelligence product that he developed and launched to his clients in 2015. This competitor intelligence tool, harnesses publically available-data in real time to help clients make more informed trading decisions . 

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