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A new global HR software solution supports HR transformation and drives innovation at Philips

Calling on its extensive experience in both HR transformation and implementing Cloud solutions in similar organisations, Deloitte has rolled out a global HR Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to support transformation and help drive innovation at Philips.

Through the Deloitte implementation, Philips has been able to standardise and simplify core staffing processes and introduce real-time people analytics to drive better talent decisions. The talent and performance functionality that the system has introduced, which is based on a talent strategy co-designed by Deloitte, encourages the workforce to own and drive their own performance, learning and career development, and gives management a more effective means of recognising and nourishing talent.

Philips is now able to harness the potential of the reporting capabilities delivered through the designed solution to make more informed workforce decisions across the organisation. All the tools are now in place to retain the highest performing talent and constantly encourage and recognise its potential.

With new compensation and absence management functionality, the solution has empowered Philips HR managers to manage a mobile workforce. They can utilise the data compiled from core HR and talent to compensate staff in accordance with stricter performance metrics and with globally defined benchmarks, while employees have greater ownership of absence and some compensation processes.

The implementation has also reduced the number of systems commissioned to serve the organisation globally, yielding significant cost savings, while further savings are being made by streamlining HR transactions, extending employee self-service and freeing up staff for more value-added roles elsewhere.

Philips is splitting into two legal entities in early 2016. This Workday® implementation has delivered a robust HR platform for each of the new businesses, equipping them to make the key talent and organisational decisions to realise their individual growth targets.

“Philips at large and the Philips HR organization specifically is undergoing a huge transformation process aimed at delivering better/more (business) value in a more efficient way. From the very start of the process/project, we have partnered with Deloitte to guide and support us throughout this journey. The consistent delivery of all of our Workday go-lives is a great achievement in itself and the result of close and very intensive cooperation. But more importantly, we are delivering the benefits for the business and HR in line with the business case that was created at project start. This was only possible because of the excellent support of Deloitte. This was on the one hand around project execution and the focus on results delivery and on the other in providing outside-in views and help with formulating our strategic direction”.

Nico Steyaert, Head of HR Digital

This project has been shortlisted for the Management Consultancy Association’s 2016 Awards in the Digital and Technology category.

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