Technology selection, design and deployment

There has been rapid growth in the functionality available to both sales and service users through technology in recent years, fuelled by the cloud. Within the contact centre space, new entrants to the market have disrupted thinking on the ecosystem of capability available via the cloud, including enhanced AI and speech to text capabilities and increasingly converged channels. Traditional players have responded with their own cloud solutions and a host of new features to compete with the new entrants. Sales teams are also benefitting from the leaps forward being made in areas such as AI and analytics and are increasingly building automation into their lead management, pricing and quoting solutions.

What’s new?

  • Organisations are considering a range of technology capabilities, with micro-services bringing together best of breed technologies to deliver the customer experience instead of monolithic solutions.
  • Pay-per-use products are becoming more prevalent. This can be pay per-call, per-minute, per-chat, or even a cost every time a piece of code is run. Selecting the correct cost model can be as equally as important as the technology.
  • Many organisations are increasingly leveraging out of the box / fit to standard approaches to take advantage of the built in processes within cloud solutions. These organisations benefit from the experience of multiple clients within their industry and outside, whose collective experience is fed into the core solution’s development. Understanding what processes and capabilities these solutions can deliver through configuration rather than code is key in selecting the right technology.

How we can help

  • Deloitte has a number of accelerators that helps achieve the selection of the right product set based on a client’s individual needs. Coupled with this is Deloitte’s significant experience in design and delivery. Deloitte has capability in every area of a transformation journey from Imagining the future state, Delivering the contact centre or sales operating model of the future, through to Running the platform
  • Clients want to have confidence that 3rd party products or SaaS will easily integrate with their chosen cloud infrastructure. Having a powerful ecosystem of vendor services and a rich App Marketplace with approved products is a key consideration for vendor selection and design. Deloitte has deep experience of designing such ecosystems.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

FTSE 100 Utility
Insurance company
We worked with the to select a complete suite of customer service technology, including omni-channel routing, workforce management and web management using a service design approach to keep the selection customer and agent centric.
We recently delivered an Amazon Connect solution to an organisation integrating new businesses into the IT landscape. The solution we delivered enabled increased flexibility, reduced cost and strngthened controls.
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