The Robots are ready, are you?

There has been intensifying interest in robotics and in the application of cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies, both in the media and on the conference circuit. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now a proven technology and early movers in shared services and other administrative organisations are already achieving significant benefits.

Based on the findings from our latest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) survey, which attracted well over 400 responses from around the world. Justin Watson, Robotics and Cognitive Automation Lead; David Wright, Robotics Process Automation Lead; and Dupe Witherick, Enabling Technology Lead will discuss client’s experiences and provide our view on how to go about a RPA business transformation.

Key points we cover include:

  • ‘Hype vs Reality’ surrounding RPA expectation
  • How ambitious must organisations be to achieve enterprise-wide automation
  • The importance of gaining buy-in from IT to the deployment of RPA
  • The benefits of RPA that go beyond cost reduction
  • Engaging your workforce in the deployment of RPA across the organisation
  • Tips for ensuring a successful RPA project
  • Post ‘go-live’ support for RPA
  • Predictions on the long-term digital journey for organisations
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