Transforming Penlon’s operations to support a National emergency

On 16 March 2020, the Prime Minister issued a challenge to industry to step up production of mechanical ventilators to help meet the expected UK demand arising from COVID-19.

Deloitte advised a consortium of manufacturers working with Penlon, a specialist medical device company, on rapidly scaling-up ventilator production from around 50 a month to 11,662 ventilators over three months. Penlon delivered more than 75% of all the ventilators delivered under the challenge.

To help achieve the ramp-up, Deloitte provided leadership, governance, financial management and control and supply chain advice to the consortium to ensure the programme achieved its objective of saving lives while also spending taxpayers’ money prudently.

Deloitte fielded a diverse and inclusive team, ensuring Penlon benefited from insights and support from critical team members onsite, while also respecting the well-being of all team members, including preferences not to travel. A right-person-for-the-role approach ensured a focus on innovation and can-do attitude to solve critical programme issues.

At a time of national emergency, the ability to provide distinctive consultancy services across all aspects of a mission-critical programme meant that Deloitte became the business backbone and trusted advisor to Penlon, the consortium and Cabinet Office. At the same time, Deloitte worked with Penlon to ensure the business was left in a transformed and sustainable business state ready to prosper in the future.